‘Younger’ Review: Is it Time to Come Clean to Kelsey?

I’m loving season three of Younger. It’s funny, it’s nerve wrecking and Josh is giving me so many feels. As much as it appears that Liza’s secret is going to be revealed soon, I want Younger to continue going on for many more seasons.

"Younger" (Airs 10/5, 10pm ET/PT)
“Younger” (Airs 10/5, 10pm ET/PT)

I know there is still a divide between #TeamJosh and #TeamCharles, but I’m all in for #TeamJosh. He just offered to help pay Caitlin’s tuition! He is seriously all in this.

I know there is still a big age difference and experience difference, but he’s acting more mature than any 26-year-old I’ve ever met. Come on Liza, you’ve got something great with Josh, why throw it away because of something that you could have with Charles?

Sure, he’s older and more mature and still very good looking, but you don’t know if you throw away what you have with Josh, if it would even work with him.

And Charles is being really petty about the whole thing. Maybe, just maybe, he’s stressed out about the company, but he’s still being overly rude to her even for that. He’s supposed to be the more mature one here and Josh is acting like the more mature one.

Photo courtesy of TV Land.
Photo courtesy of TV Land.

Liza may be able to keep her secret from the world a little bit longer, but it’s about time she told Kelsey. Kelsey gave her some really good advice: If she loves Josh, just be with him. I’m adding on to that advice, if Kelsey is a good friend, tell her the truth.

That may be a little bit harder now that she knows what Kelsey thinks of someone who would lie about her age like that.

It was too funny when Liza had to defend the anonymous person in the chapter. No one could sympathize with her. We can clearly see how everyone is going to react when they find out.

Liza has to tell Kelsey, though. That was too close a call. If Kelsey didn’t come to the realization of how over she is Thad with the “deez nuts” password (just, why was she with him? smh), then Kelsey would have found out the truth on Thad’s laptop. There was no coming back if that happened.

Maggie once again was one of the highlights of the episode. We all need to be her friend right now, she has so much to teach us.

We’re only two episodes into the season and Younger is better than ever. I’m excited, terrified and hopeful for Josh all at the same time. Clearly, I’m over the #TeamJosh for me and #TeamCharles for Liza. I’m all about #TeamJosh for Liza now.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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