‘Pretty Little Liars’ Say Goodbye to Rosewood and the Characters we Love

Wednesday night the Liars said their last goodbye to Rosewood while we got to watch their snaps and Instagram posts and live the heartbreaking goodbye with them. It’s great to be able to see it all unfolding, but this just means two goodbyes for us, one now, and one more when we watch the final 10 episodes.

Pretty Little Liars will always hold a special place in my heart because I got to interview the cast and producers in my very first press room at New York Comic-Con. I will always cherish my time with them and be forever grateful for the opportunity this show gave me. It’s amazing that my first press room was with a cast of a show that I love so much.

I’m sad, but also looking forward to the last episodes and how it all ends.

There were so many goodbyes from the Liars on Wednesday but there were two that really had me in tears. The first was when Troian Bellisario posted the email from her boyfriend Patrick Adams. He wrote her an email as Spencer saying goodbye and it was almost the most perfect way to say goodbye to these characters and this world.

Ashley Benson also had a touching goodbye with a photo of her head in her hands in her empty dressing room. Her message and her image beautifully described what we’re all feeling at the moment.


Ashley wasn’t the only Liar to say farewell to her character in a post. Lucy Hale also posted a goodbye to Aria with a throwback photo of the little fashionista. Just like Lucy, I will also miss Aria’s style. I probably wouldn’t wear half of what she wore on screen but Aria always pulled it off and I loved how brave she was in fashion. That might speak to braveness in other aspects of her life too. She always did anything for her friends and it’s why Spencer said, “You’re small, but you are mighty.”

Janel Parrish also had a heartfelt goodbye to Mona where she thanked the fans for everything.

Shay Mitchell probably had the perfect yearbook post to say goodbye (by the way, did you know they got yearbooks that they all signed for each other!). She also forgot she was Shay for a moment and signed as Em. Yes, Shay, you will always be Emily Fields to us.

Ian Harding’s message to Keegan Allen was so touching. It’s great to know that they have long lasting friendships from the world we fell in love with.

Take a look at the rest of the farewells and try not to cry while you read them, but keep those tissues handy.




This guy made my job and life so fun. Thank you @ianmharding for being you. Cherish you always.

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Goodnight my friend.

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