‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Can Damon Keep Saving his Brother?

The closer and closer we get to the end, the more things keep changing. It still seems so strange that Stefan is human. Plus, the amount of bad that Stefan has done, he’s never crossed the line in killing someone his friends’ loved before. I hate that he’s human but there was probably no saving him after that point.

Stefan has a lot of guilt to work through. It’s hard to even say if Caroline and Stefan will end up together. Through all the ups and downs this couple has faced, this seems to be the worst. I wanted Steroline to be the end game so badly and now I have no idea where their story is going. Julie Plec was very coy at San Diego Comic Con about the future of this couple but I always just assumed their path led to a happy ending. Now I’m not so sure.

To top that off, Stefan gets taken at the end of the episode. Is Bonnie taking him? Someone else? I know Bonnie is in pain right now and she’s very angry but she already punished Stefan for what he did. I’m not one hundred percent sure if giving him the cure had anything to do with Elena or if it was just her being angry about Enzo.

Just as Damon saved his brother again, he’s taken again. Damon and Stefan are always saving each other but now that Stefan is human, Damon is going to have to be the good brother and will probably be saving him a lot more.

Erika Doss/The CW

It figures that in the last season Matt finally gets an interesting storyline. And who knew that his ancestors were so close to the Bennetts. Matt wanted to stay out of all the supernatural stuff but turns out, his family was right in the middle of it.

Bonnie may not have her powers but clearly, she’s still powerful. Looks like that blast I saw last week was opening a door to another dimension, that dimension was the one Kai was locked in. I haven’t been too fussed about the villains this season. Some of the twists have been nice but the villains themselves have been lackluster. So in walks Kai, the best villain since Klaus. Yeah, Damon and Alaric are angry and they should be, but is it wrong that I’m excited? We need a nice villain to end the series with. The devil is not it but Kai will work. That is if he’s going to play the villain. I don’t actually care if he takes the role of the good guy or the bad guy in these final episodes, just having him back is enough.

We seem to be in uncharted territory more than ever now. Let’s see where the final episodes take us.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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