‘The Royals’ Review: Simon Knew Exactly Who Robert Was, Now Will Liam bring him Down?

This wasn’t the episode I was expecting from the season finale of The Royals. It was quiet, it was heartbreaking and then it ended with a bang, a scary bang. It was different than the last two season finales and it was so much better.

Despite Liam seeming a little bit crazy in parts of this episode, I was still behind him. I believe in him. I trust him. So even when he goes a little off the rails, I’m still there rooting him on. Since Robert got back, he hasn’t done anything to earn my trust or respect. Granted, I’ve had three seasons to build that trust with Liam but name me one thing that Robert has done to earn that trust and respect? Robert has been showing his colors very slowly and it finally all came out it. We can’t even blame it on Liam sleeping with Kathryn because Simon knew the man Robert was all along. He was the reason why Simon was getting rid of the monarchy. Simon said he would never make a great king.

With each episode, I’ve liked Robert less and less. I haven’t trusted him and I’ve felt bad for all the stuff Liam has had to put up with. In this episode, we got to see the true Robert and I’m terrified. First of all, you mess with Jaspenor, you’re always going to be in my bad books. Second, how can he go sleep with Kathryn and then tell her that you’re never going to see each other again? I get that he’s hurt that she found comfort in Liam but they all thought he was dead. And for her not telling him, how do you even bring that up? A king should be the bigger man. Simon always was with Helena. It was awful for Simon but in this case, everyone thought Robert was dead. Were they not supposed to move on? Season four is going to be interesting and scary.

If everything Robert did during this episode wasn’t bad enough, he’s determined to make Willa his bride. Really, Robert? Are you that petty that you’re going to hurt your own brother? Liam and Kathryn thought you were dead and moved on but the minute you came back Kathryn chose you. I’m justing going to tie myself into knots with how mad I am at Robert right now.

We had a lot of Jaspenor moments. That montage of so many of their moments broke me. I’m so happy Alice gave Eleanor Jasper’s gift. She needed to see that. Then, Jasper confessed his love to her and it was the most beautiful thing. Clearly, Eleanor hasn’t made any decisions. I want her to go away and design. She needs this but I want her to go and come back to Jasper.

Each season has been a bit different but I predict good things for season four. We’re going to see just how strong Liam really is. While Liam always felt the shadow of his brother, clearly Robert felt a shadow from Liam because Simon told Robert that Liam had heart. Liam had all the things you can’t teach, while Robert only had the things you could teach. Liam learned all the things you could teach in such a short time and he was ready to be king. I’m with Liam all the way and I’ll be rooting for him next season. He made a bold move not showing up to the coronation and he’s ready to fight.

Did anyone see Cyrus point that gun at Liam at the very end? It wasn’t very clear but that’s what it looked like. So many cliffhangers to hold us over until season four.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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