‘Gotham’ Review: Ben McKenzie Pulls Great Scenes out of Bruce, Frank & Lee

I have to give major props to Ben McKenzie on his directorial debut. “Heroes Rise: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions” was an amazing episode. He brought a lot out in a lot of the characters and I hope he will take another turn in the director’s chair very soon. 

Bruce (David Mazouz) has certainly been bringing out stronger and stronger performances each week but there was something very special about this week’s performance. Considering what David said about Ben’s notes, we can only assume that Ben had something to do with the young Bruce Wayne’s performance. 

This part of the season is called “Heroes Rise,” so it only makes sense that Bruce is put on the path to becoming Batman. While the Court of Owls may have put him in this place, this may be what he needs to become who he’s going to become. This man seems to have the right intentions for Bruce and see’s something we all see in him. Bruce has only recently been showing the signs of that he’s going to becoming Batman, even if we already knew that’s his future.

It was heartbreaking watching Bruce relive his parent’s death but I think the Shaman is wrong. I think that pain can make Bruce stronger. Our feelings are not weaknesses, they’re our strengths. I’m still interested in seeing what this man has to teach our young Bruce. How long is he going to stay there, though, and how long will it take Alfred (Sean Pertwee) to figure out there’s an imposter in his place?

Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and Ivy (Maggie Geha) had some great scenes together too. There may be a true friendship brewing here. There’s at least a partnership in Penguin’s revenge. Oswald wouldn’t trust her but she turned out to be a good ally in the end.

What Ben seemed to really pull out in this episode was good scenes between two characters. Gordon and Frank (James Remar) had good scenes, especially the one where Frank killed himself. I didn’t trust Frank at all. What reason did he give me to trust him and then for the sake of the mission, he killed himself. All this time we could trust him and I didn’t see it. This is not a safe path he’s put Jom down, though. If Gordon is joining the Court of Owls he has to become a true double agent. The best double agent I’ve ever seen was Snape in Harry Potter. Does Jim have what it takes to become Snape?

I think the best scene in the entire episode was between Gordon and Lee (Morena Baccarin). She’s so heartbroken and just broken from Mario’s death. The couple I once loved is now so cold. Lee is wrong though, Jim hasn’t moved on, he’s hurting too. He’s just hiding his feelings. I don’t know how these two find their way back to each other or if that’s even possible.

Things are rough with Lee but Jim had no problems calling Barbara (Erin Richards) for help and I loved it. She’s certainly proving she has what it takes to be Queen of Gotham, she’s just not there yet.

The heroes have started their journeys. Bruce is on the path to become Batman and Gordon is entering the society that runs Gotham. We know where both of their paths lead but what twist and turns will they encounter on the way?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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