Your Next Bing: ‘Foursome’

If you haven’t checked out some of what YouTube Red Originals has to offer yet, you should add them to your to watch list because they have some great stuff. I just binge watched season one of Foursome and it was hilarious and sadly sometimes really spoke the truth.

Andie (Jenn McAllister) is a sophomore in high school and all she wants is a boyfriend and not to graduate single. Her brother, Alec (Logan Paul), has other plans for her. He pummels any guy that comes near her. That makes things really complicated when the one guy Andie really wants his her brother’s best friend, Josh (Cameron Moulène). You will be rooting for these two and trying to figure out just how these two can find happiness despite Andie’s brother always looking over her shoulder. 

The show is really about four friends, Andie, Imogine (Brooke Markham), Dakota (Rickey Thompson) and Courtney (Meghan Falcone). Imogine is Andie’s next door neighbor and up until this point she’s always been homeschooled, so she’s taking a little time to adjust. Dakota is that gay friend we all want and Courtney is in college but she can’t seem to leave high school behind. And she’s also dating Andie’s brother. 

The show doesn’t take itself serious at all and that’s why it’s so much fun. High School is hard enough and while there is a lot of drama that happens in these halls, it’s hilarious to watch it happen too. Imogine is very weird and I don’t understand half the things that come out of her mouth. At times it seems like Dakota is the only sane one of the group. He can have some good words of wisdom but he’s also there to make you laugh. Courtney has a good heart but she can be oblivious at times. And Andie, she shows us that we’re not alone and she’s just trying to figure it all out.

You may wonder like I did, how is Josh friends with Alec? They seem so completely different and Josh does seem like the most level-headed of everyone on this show. That is until he does something totally stupid out of fear and you’ll know what I mean when you see it. He’s definitely the guy we all have a crush on but this jock seems to have manners and a good heart too.

I quickly got through season one and can’t wait to watch season two and three. It’s a fun show you have to watch. Perfect for your weekend binge.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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