‘The Royals’ Review: Can Liam Takedown his Brother?

Just when it looked like The Royals was going soft on us, they let us know the secrets, lies, drama, and mystery are still there.

While I’ve had a lot of fun watching Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) become a better person, and live happily ever after with Jasper (Tom Austen), that’s not exactly what we came for. We came for the drama, and we came for the mystery. We thought Liam (William Moseley) gave up trying to take down his brother. Robert (Max Brown) almost had us believing that maybe he was the good guy he’s making everyone believe he is, almost. The truth is, I never trusted Robert but I did think Liam had backed down. That wouldn’t be The Royals we know and love, though. Just because things have seemed a little tame this season doesn’t mean there isn’t something brewing. We knew Robert planned the blackout and now we know why. So he could make the monarchy rule again. That seems like the simplest of cons, but it’s probably the biggest. We have no idea if there will be another season, so something big has to be coming our way.

While this season has been tame, it was only because Liam’s and Cyrus (Jake Maskall) plan had to be quiet. The writers didn’t want us to see it coming. Liam’s smirk gave it away, though. At least for us. Robert has no idea. I’m so happy that Kathryn (Christina Wolfe) is really with Liam. It broke my heart to see Robert break Liam’s heart. I don’t know why even for a second that I believed Liam was just backing down and becoming someone he isn’t. Liam and Kathryn had us all fooled. I really want to see the three of them take Robert down. There is clearly a big reason why Simon did not want his eldest son to be King.

Now, let’s get back to Eleanor. She certainly had to deal with some drama this week. Willow (Genevieve Gaunt) was drugged with LSD and had a seriously bad trip. It was interesting watching Len take care of her. She’s not used to being on the other side of that. It really shows how far she’s come. I won’t lie, I enjoyed watching Willow have a bad trip. And let’s not forget about Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) almost drowning in chocolate. Willow was hilarious. It’s not a side of her we’ve seen before but a the same time not surprising seeing she was under the influence. It’s sad that she might not become Queen. She had a hell of a night and still showed up to answer her final question. She’s also fallen in love with a man who isn’t real. She doesn’t know the real him and it’s going to be heartbreaking to have her find out the truth.

There are only two more episodes left in the season, and maybe even the show. How far can the writers take this? They’ve taken us on quite a ride already.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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