‘Arrow’ Review: Is this Dark Path the Right Path?

Arrow is giving us something very different. Something it’s never given us before. I think we’re about to see new depths to the character’s we’ve loved for so long. I’m not sure who they will be after this season.

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I was all for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) going to Agent Watson (Sydelle Noel) to bring down Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), but I didn’t expect where it would end up. I didn’t expect Felicity to let Watson get demoted when they actually got something out of the mission. Is ruining a woman’s career worth the small lead on Diaz?

One the one hand, It’s great for Emily to play something different, but how far will Felicity go to protect her family? Oliver (Stephen Amell) is going down quite a similar dark path, as well. Do the ends justify the means?

I always liked how dark Arrow could get but I liked that Felicity was the light in that darkness. Can they survive with them both going down a dark path?

While I have questions and I’m worried about Olicity, I am enjoying how dark the story is getting. I had mixed feelings about last week’s episode because I miss Oliver as the Green Arrow, but this week the writers made up for it. I got plenty of good Oliver fight scenes, and Felicity was back being Overwatch, even if she wasn’t using her code name.

I also liked that Felicity and Rene (Rick Gonzalez) were teaming up. It’s not OTA or NTA, but at least part of the teams are coming together to stop Diaz. It’s an interesting dynamic, and I’m looking forward to seeing it play out.

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Felicity, Oliver and Rene aren’t the only ones crossing lines to do good. Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) is also blurring lines to do good in this world. John (David Ramsey) decided not to be the Green Arrow to protect his family, and Lyla made the opposite decision to protect their family.

I’m very happy that John is not the Green Arrow. And it’s interesting that Lyla took a different approach to things. I like that it’s the woman in the relationship that decided to take risks. This isn’t the first time she’s crossed lies, though, and they haven’t always been the right ones. I think she’s on the right side of things now.

I really enjoyed the Curtis (Echo Kellum) scenes. He always makes me smile, but I’m missing his scenes with Felicity. It’s so great seeing them on screen together, and since NTA and OTA had a falling out, we haven’t had those great scenes, and I’m really missing them. I don’t expect to see them working together anytime soon. Curtis likes working legally at the moment, and I don’t see him teaming up with Rene and Felicity.

The scariest thing of the episode was when Diaz injected himself with that disease from the CDC to make himself stronger. He was already a good fighter but now he’s stronger than ever, and there’s no one strong enough to face him. With Oliver in prison, who can take him on?

Maybe, just maybe, the dark paths Felicity and Oliver are on are the rights ones, if only because of circumstances.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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