Legacies: We Finally Know Why Lizzie and Hope Hate Each Other

Since the premiere of Legacies, Hope and Lizzie have been in a constant fight. There never seemed like any real reason for them to hate each other. Our best guess was because Lizzie was jealous that Hope was spending so much time with Alaric. That was not it.

It all finally bubbled to the surface this week on the “There’s a Mummy on Main Street” episode. Lizzie was blaming Hope for every ruined spring break, all starting with the fire. Hope said she never started the fire. It was just one thing after another that Hope didn’t actually do.

Throughout this episode, there was a tell on Josie’s face that said it was her all along. I just kept waiting for her to say, “stop fighting, it was me.” But she never did.

Then came the worst of it. Lizzie said Hope had told everyone that she was witch bi-polar. I know Hope has done some questionable things, but every questionable thing has been out of love for her family. I could never believe she would be that cruel.

Finally, Lizzie and Hope had a much-needed heart-to-heart. Hope finally understood why Lizzie has hated her all these years. She admitted that the same thing could happen to her with a father and grandfather like she has. (Luckily, she also has Hayley’s genes to even her out.) Hope asked Lizzie who even told her all those lies. Lizzie looked at Josie, and Josie looked like she was going to cry.

This still didn’t answer why Josie would lie about all those things. Both Lizzie and Hope confronted her on it.

Josie had a crush on Hope, and Lizzie was accusing her of being obsessed with Hope. Because Lizzie always takes her crushes, Josie blurted out how could she like someone that says that about her twin. She also set the fire because she was trying to get rid of a note she slipped in Hope’s room. She never meant for it to be that bad.

It was a great moment between the twins and Hope. I loved when Hope was like, “you had a crush on me.” And Josie replied, “of course I did, who wouldn’t?”

That smile Hope gave to Josie was everything. Hope had really found a place she belonged to.

I also liked that Josie was finally being honest with Lizzie. Josie needs to start doing that with her sister more.

Does this mean we can have the twins and Hope being a powerful team together and stop fighting?! I’m here for it!

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Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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