Legacies: Do you Ship Josie and Landon?


It’s a new season of Legacies, and there’s a new couple alert: Jandon! But do we ship them?

The relationship seems to be a consequence of Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) being in Europe with Caroline and Ralph (Peyton ‘Alex’ Smith) stuck as a wolf. Not to mention them forgetting Hope (Danielle Rose Russell). They leaned on each other when they didn’t have anyone else, and a romance blossomed.

I have very mixed feelings about this new couple. Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Landon are so cute together. Even the awkward moments are sweet because that’s life. Real-life beginnings are not dreamy like the movies – they’re awkward!

I also like that Landon (Aria Shahghasem) is letting her speak for herself, and she’s working on not being co-dependent. It seems like a very healthy beginning of a relationship. Despite the fact she ate sushi, which she’s allergic to, on their first date to not be a problem. They talked it out, though. And I loved that scene. It makes me want to ship them.

Then enters Hope. It broke my heart, seeing her break down after talking to Landon. I loved Hope and Landon together. They seemed so right for each other. They were there for each other. They are both orphans. They connected.

I keep thinking, when they remember Hope, where will that leave Jandon? Even when they remember her, that doesn’t take away what they are building now.

The internet seems divided on Jandon.

Josie is one of my favorite characters, so I will enjoy where the writers are going to take us regardless. She may need the innocence of Landon for what Legacies seem to be setting us up for. The new headmaster is starting a defensive magic class, invitation only. I love the Harry Potter vibes here, but that look on her face, that could be the path to darkness. Landon could be an asset to keep her grounded in good.

Do you ship Jandon? Let me know in the comments or tweet me at @MandyTTCarr.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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  1. oh my god i love them so much, and its such a Julie Plec thing to do. give us something cute then replace it with something nobody wants but if Landon and Josie stay together i bet by season 3 we will love them. 🙂

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