Dating in NYC Sucks, so Let’s have fun with RomCom Love Life

Dating is the worst, especially in New York City, so having a rom-com about just that is so much fun!

Sarah Shatz

HBO Max’s Love Life follows the dating life of Darby, played by Anna Kendrick. The one flaw in this show, as of episode three, is she’s meeting them in person. The only guy that I’ve met in person in NYC is my current boyfriend. All the other guys I dated in the city I met on an app, which is the typical way you meet people these days. Maybe later episodes will see her meeting SOs on apps, but for now, it’s all in person.

Each episode so far is a different guy that she’s met and the relationship with them, whether that was long term or just a one-night stand. The idea is to follow someone’s love life from start to finish.


Relationships are hard to navigate, but Darby is clueless at navigating them, which I think we all feel that way sometimes. Especially in our first ones. Her cluelessness makes her struggles so much more fun to watch. The insecurities we feel in relationships are exacerbated in her character, which makes for a particularly hilarious scene in the second episode that involves a funeral and too much bourbon. I could barely look it was so cringe-worthy. The show has some silly funny moments, but it has some dark humor also. How can you not when you are making a comedy about dating. 

For any woman living in a big city, there’s bound to be something for you to relate to, whether it’s waiting past the three-day mark for him to text, your SO gets a dream job in another city, and not feeling good enough to hang with his friends. And that’s just in three episodes. I’m sure there is a lot more to come as the season continues.

Sarah Shatz

I’m excited to see who Darby meets next and how it will inevitably end. That sounds horrible, I know, but we know it’s going to end, and half the fun of the show is how the relationship ends. And if Darby can make it through all these twists and turns of finding the one, so can we!

The first three episodes of Love Life are available to stream on HBO Max, and new episodes will be released weekly. 

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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