Can’t Get Enough of Dakota Fanning in ‘The Alienist’

Is it possible that Dakota Fanning gets better each episode? She’s still my favorite thing about The Alienist, and I love that she’s getting to lead this investigation. Season two has upped the intensity and the creep factor.

Laszlo and Sara attend John’s engagement party. (Courtesy of TNT)

Season one had a feel of Jack the Ripper to it, but in season two, The Alienist is creating its own vibe. Politics played a significant role in the first season and is becoming even more prevalent in this storyline.

While we did see some of the corruption in New York City, they had the commissioner on their side to navigate it. This time they have no in with the police, and this cover-up has the chance to be much more significant.

Dr. Laszlo (Daniel Brühl) said, Dr. Markoe (Michael McElhatton) isn’t behind the disappearances, his system of corruption could be helping the killer stay hidden, though.

That didn’t stop Sarah (Dakota) from finding the truth. She put one of her women undercover at the hospital, and it didn’t take long for her to discover the killer. But, is Libby (Rosy McEwen) the person they’ve been searching for? It seems a little quick to reveal the killer in episode four. Of course, everything could also feel like it’s moving so quickly because we’re getting two episodes at once instead of one.

We didn’t even get a name until the second half of last season. Now we know the killer’s identity. I’m enjoying the blend of crime-solving with the feel of a horror movie, so I’ll accept it for now and see where the writers are going to take us. The first season had me so enthralled that I got through it quickly enough to watch the season two premiere last week.

Sara undergoes hypnotizing so she can encourage their client to do as well. (Courtesy of TNT)

The writers are keeping us on our toes with the mystery, and that’s not even mentioning that John (Luke Evans) is getting married. Sarah may be right. He’s being bought. I can’t see anything he has in common with Violet. He’s a socialite, and she acted like he was so beneath her and that she’s grooming him to be more civilized. I’m waiting for John to wake up and realize not only is Violet not good for him, but her godfather is also even worse.

While John is writing good journalism for The New York Times, his new godfather-in-law (btw, I didn’t even know that was a thing) is producing sensational pieces.

Sometimes you can forget that The Alienist is a period piece because you’re so wrapped up in the storyline. Still, occasionally it weaves in historical accounts, like the rise of yellow journalism. While it’s not the center of the story, it is apart of the overall NYC system at the time.

So far, I haven’t caught any historical inaccuracies in this show, though, I’m not checking all of them, just the ones that catch my eye. 

What twists and turns do we have in store for us next?

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