‘Tell Me A Story’: The Fairytales are Coming to Their Twisted Conclusions

As the twisted fairytales come to a close, they seem to be mirroring the stories they were inspired by but in a much more frightening fashion.

I thought we could breathe a little bit now that super fanboy was taken out, but I never thought he was the bomber either.

Our favorite ship from this season had a sweet makeout session right at the beginning of the episode. (Connie Chornuk/CBS)

Unfortunately, Beau (Eka Darville) and Ashley (Natalie Alyn Lind) got caught kissing, and he was taken off her security detail. That didn’t stop him from trying to find the true bomber, though. He first went to a detective friend that didn’t want the extra work or to work on a case that was supposed to be closed. Even when Beau questioned her and she didn’t have enough evidence to safely say fanboy was the bomber.

Beau wasn’t done regardless of his job status. It turns out the fanboy took many videos of Ashely, including the bomber. Beau took the time to comb through the footage and found him.

Beau wasn’t done regardless of his job status. It turns out the fanboy took many videos of Ashely, including the bomber. Beau took the time to comb through the footage and found him.

While I understand the urgency of getting the bomber, and I don’t know the red tape around getting a case reopened when you find the actual criminal, but maybe going off to get the guy with his dad was not a good idea. Maybe convincing Mrs. Pruitt (Carrie-Anne Moss) of re-hiring Beau or just letting him protect her since he was going to anyway were better options.

Until that point, Beau’s feeling for her didn’t cloud his judgment, but in this instance, it did.

We’re left with his dad bleeding and the bomber in the wind. This is not good for Beau or Ashley.

I can’t say where the bomber is headed, but it feels like it would be to Ashley to finish the job, which would mirror Beauty and the Beast when the town goes to kill the beast.

Cinderella went to the ball with her prince, charming. (CBS)

Cinderella went to the ball (with her glass slippers 💙), got in a fight with her stepmom confronting her over the affair, her stepbrother fought with Jackson (Matt Lauria), defending Simone (Ashley Madekwe). Then Simone is gone with a glass slipper left and her prince charming to find it.

It’s clearly not as simple as she ran away and left a slipper behind like in the Disney version, these are twisted after all, and this can’t be good.

After learning about her evil stepmother and stepbrothers, I really am worried about what they could have done to her. I’m beginning to think that maybe her stepmom didn’t kill her father. Maybe it was the stepbrother that hates her, clearly not the one that’s nice to her.

One fairytale had a somewhat happy ending, at least for the woman. Olivia (Danielle Campbell) is an absolute badass. She faked choking herself so that Tucker (Paul Wesley) would come back, and then she choked him with the chain.

Olivia has escaped. What does Tucker do next? (Connie Chornuk/CBS)

Even without Brendan (Harry Shum Jr.) (Maddie’s ex and current coworker) showing up, I think she would have escaped. Luckily he was there to help.

But now what? Tucker has been caught redhanded. Does Olivia go to the police or vanish again? And what will this mean for Maddie (Odette Annable)?

While this ending wasn’t quite the same as the original fairytale, a man did rescue Sleeping Beauty. It was just without a kiss.

Olivia brought up a good question during one of their talks that seemed like odd therapy sessions. Is Tucker trying to replace his sister or write his novel, or both? He keeps calling her by his sister’s name, Anna.

As I’ve said before, why doesn’t he write about his tragic past? He doesn’t need to use innocent young women for his stories.

I’m nervous for Simone, Ashley, and Beau and curious about what will happen with Tucker. We’ll have to wait until December 1 to find out how these stories end.

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