‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will Meredith be Okay?

Grey’s Anatomy is your weekly reminder of how bad the pandemic is and why you never go out and always wear a mask when you get essentials. At least it is that way for me. It justifies my crappy feelings, and I wish more people would wake up and see how bad this really is.

The long-running medical show was definitely very equipped to take on such a brutal story. And I still wonder if I can handle sticking with it every week.

Meredith back on the beach after a “Covid High”. (ABC)

We got a glimmer of hope when Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) woke up, but that wasn’t for long. She had to go and save another patient because, just like Dr. Tom Koracick (Greg Germann), she’s tired of watching people die.

That was a beautiful moment between Meredith and Tom. I’ve always liked him, but I am loving seeing this other side of him. It was very emotional hearing him say, “I just wanted to be in a room where no one’s dying. Because everyone’s dying.” That is the most real and heartbreaking thing I’ve ever heard.

Followed up by Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) saying that they can’t begin to understand the toll this is taking on their own. How are these doctors and nurses coping?

Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) had a breakdown. And I get it. She shouldn’t have to carry the weight anymore, and we shouldn’t have systematic racism in this country anymore. We’re supposed to be equal. As a woman, though a white one, I know how unequal this society is. But it’s even harder on African American women. Can we finally do something to change this?

Kelly McCreary is doing a beautiful job showing the pain that African American girls carry.

I hate that Maggie is going through this much pain, and she doesn’t even know that Meredith is going on a ventilator because her condition worsened. I don’t know if she can take that in the state she’s in.

Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) isn’t doing so well herself, but I loved it when Richard told her to take inventory of her life. I used to like Teddy, and I have definitely soured on her now, but she can’t keep feeling sorry for herself if she wants to move on.

I think any chance of her and Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) ever getting back together is gone now. Now that he knows the truth about Alison. That’s an unforgivable thing (not that the cheating wasn’t already that), but to name your baby after someone when you didn’t really know what that person meant to your SO. That’s not right.

It looks like the Teddy and Owen saga is coming to a definite ending. (ABC)

One of my favorite moments of this episode was when Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) told Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) that “even superhumans need more than a minute” to grieve for loved ones. That was followed up later by Bailey telling him how proud she was of him for taking care of his mental health and setting boundaries. I think we can all take that advice. He’s become a better doctor because he’s putting himself first.

A sidestep from all the brutalness of covid. We have circled back around to the woman who was human trafficking. I didn’t recognize her at first. I did get a bad vibe from her, though. And, of course, Deluca recognized her right away, and now he’s going after her. At least his sister is with him, and he’s clear-headed now. But I get it. He let her go once, and now more children have been taken. I’m almost as nervous about what happens next with them as I am with Meredith.

We have to wait until March to find out if Meredith will be okay. I don’t think Ellen is leaving the show. Maybe there’s some hope. But it’s still a devastating storyline. And what about Tom? He’s terrified of having Covid, and Meredith was his hope that he could beat it. How will he react when he finds out she’s on the vent?

As brutal as this story is. It’s the harsh realities. And these actors are playing it out so beautifully on screen. While most of it shows us the truth and tries to make people take this seriously, they give us moments of inspiration. And to survive this season, we will have to hold on to those moments.

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