‘The Resident’ Pulls at Our CoNic Hearts More & Adds Two New Docs

The Resident writers just won’t let our CoNic hearts take a break. First, with the stabbing, and now the after-effects of the stabbing.

Our hearts were breaking for CoNic again. (D’Alema/FOX)

After the emotionally wrecking episode, we thought we could breathe a moment, but Nic Nevin (Emily VanCamp) is not coping well. She couldn’t sleep, and who can blame her after what she’d been through. She was also waiting for something to go wrong with her little girl.

CoNic’s daughter had become anemic because of the blood transfusions Nic had. So, the little girl also had to have a blood transfusion, and it was a risky procedure.

It’s amazing watching Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) step up and be his wife’s doctor. I wouldn’t be able to stay calm if my loved one was in that much distress. But Conrad is the best at figuring out what’s wrong, and he knows how to act quickly on his feet. He’s definitely the man we all want as our doctor if something goes wrong.

The CoNic storyline also brings a new doctor to Chastain, Billie Sutton (Jessica Lucas). She’s joining the show as a series regular, and I’m here for it! I’m a fan of Jessica’s from Gotham and the reboot of Melrose Place.

Jessica Lucas has joined The Resident as a series regular playing Billie Sutton. (FOX)

Billie and Conrad have a history. She killed one of his patients, and Conrad reported her, and she got fired. This was over three years ago. Some of the Chastain staff remember her oh so well, and others are ready to put it behind them.

But she’s close friends with Nic. Conrad and Billie duked it out because they had different ideas of what was best for Nic. They are both as stubborn as each other. Billie is also strong-willed and will be a great addition to the cast.

Billie wasn’t the only new face at Chastain. Dr. Randolph Bell’s (Bruce Greenwood) stepson, Dr. Jake Wong (Conrad Ricamora), is the new plastic surgeon. The writers finally found a way for Bell to keep trying to make it right with his former stepson.

Bell was right, Wong wasn’t going to turn down that surgery, and he was even better than expected. I loved how he bought the boy a baseball to go with his mitt.

Dr. Randolph Bell gets a second chance with his stepson, Dr. Jake Wong. (FOX)

And was that story he told about his coach actually Bell? Bell certainly looked taken aback, and Wong seemed to appreciate what he had done for him.

He was also very cool and quick on his feet during the surgery. I definitely think he is a great addition to the surgical team. I was sad to miss Dr. Mina Okafor (Shaunette Renée Wilson) for the episode, but Dr. AJ Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), Dr. Kit Voss (Jane Leeves), and Wong made an excellent team.

Another great call was making Voss CEO. I loved how she walked in and asked why no women were being interviewed for the role. A female governor not even considering a woman had to be an oversight. And Voss didn’t even have a proper interview. Her surgery got her the job, and she didn’t even know she was being considered. She just did her job in the OR and impressed the governor.

It’s not going to be an easy job. Dr. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal) was fighting against the system even on the first day. One of the things The Resident does best is fighting against the system and showing the flaws.

Devon was told 15 minutes and move on, but upon examination of the patient, he knew there was something different wrong than the original diagnosis, Alzheimer’s. Just as the patient and his wife were walking out, he figured out what was wrong because the man could hardly walk. A simple spinal tap cured him.

I love that Devon is trying to fix the problem to make sure no one like his dad dies again because they’re being ignored. There will have to be procedures put in place, so the problem is long from gone, but it’s a start.

And this week, we got two mystery cases—one with Pravesh and the other with CoNic. Devon is not the master that Conrad is, but he did learn from the best, and it’s fun watching him solve the case.

Which new character are you most excited to get to know, Sutton or Wong? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

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