Reminiscing About ‘How I Met Your Mother’ as Hilary Duff Set for Sequal

A spin-off to How I Met your Mother starring Hilary Duff is going to be Legen wait for it… dairy!

I’ll admit I wasn’t into the other iterations of the spin-off. But now, I’m excited. It probably is partly to do with me re-watching HIMYM recently and that Hilary is signed on to do it.

There is also something about How I Met Your Father taking place in a modern-day New York City setting that sounds like a lot of fun. This time, we’ll see how the character meets her future spouse in the world of online dating! This makes more sense than placing the new show in a similar world to the original one.

Will, the writers actually have Hilary’s character end up with the father, or will they do something similar to HIMYM? I was probably one of a few people that liked the ending. I always wanted Ted to end up with Robin, so I was so happy when he did. I was mad the night of the finale but realized that’s what I always wanted, so it was great.

There are many fans not happy about the sequel and still angry at the writers for the ending. As Chief Television Critic for The Hollywood Reporter Dan Fienberg said on TV’s Top 5 podcast, the writers can take the good from the original series and learn from their miss-steps.

I have watched the series multiple times, but I will say I have re-watched the first five seasons the most.

While How I Met Your Father is just getting started, I wanted to reminisce about some of the great moments from the How I Met Your Mother days.

The Slap Bet

Why is it always so satisfying to see Barney get slapped?

All the Thanksgiving and Christmas Episodes

The Thanksgiving episodes coincided with the Slap Bet a couple of times, which was fun, but we also got to meet Marshall’s family and see Lily make the seven-layer salad! I’m feeling queasy just thinking about it. Gummy bears and Funyuns?

My favorite Christmas episode of the series was “How Lily Stole Christmas.” It made me fall in love with the Lily and Ted friendship.

Marshall and Lily

How can you not love Lilypad and Marshmallow? They were always the cutest, even if they were a little strange sometimes. Like when they would tell each other what they had to eat every day. But other traditions they had, like greeting each other at the airport with beer from where they had been, were great.


Barney’s character would probably not resonate the same now. Barney was disgusting if he was a real person, but it was all in good fun for the show. Plus, sometimes Barney got what was coming to him. Neil Patrick Harris owned this role, and he’s probably the reason we loved this misogynistic character.

Barney and Lily’s Friendship

Marshall and Lily were the only couple Barney believed in. And he had a sweet but weird relationship with Lily. I loved when they lived together for one week. Lily was sometimes like a mother figure to him. It was a fun platonic friendship that we didn’t get from Robin and the other characters.

Robin and Ted

The writers basically told us from the beginning that these two were endgame, but we didn’t listen. Then, Robin married Barney. I understand fans’ frustration, but I guess I forgave the writers because Ted ended up with exactly who I wanted him to, Robin.

Frustrations aside from the finale or final season, what were your favorite parts of How I Met Your Mother? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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