‘Walker’: The Flashbacks We’ve Been Waiting For

Walker sure knows how to give us all the feels and leave us hanging.

“A Tale of Two Families” starts with the epic scene from the promo. Clint (Austin Nichols), Trevor (Gavin Casalegno), and Clint’s friends are coming to kill Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki), but as we hear a gunshot, we flashback to 13 months ago, the day Emily (Genevieve Padalecki) died.

Cordell Walker went down a dark path of depression after Emily died. (Rebecca Brennen/The CW)

I wanted to know what happened between her death and Walker coming home. The writers finally gifted us with it, even if it is bad timing.

Walker really didn’t handle the death of his wife well. Not like anyone could expect him to. Jared seriously did an amazing job portraying the grieving widow and the events that led him to go undercover.

It was all Stella’s (Violet Brinson) doing. She was tired of her dad not sleeping, forgetting to pick them up or being late. Cordell was late once again, or so she thought. He had fallen asleep in the parking lot. So somehow, Stella and Auggie (Kale Culley) move him. How on earth did they do that? She then drives them home but then wants to give him a wake-up call, so she crashes her grandfather’s truck and puts Walker back behind the wheel.

He clearly doesn’t remember what happens but is heartbroken that it did.

The family and Larry (Coby Bell) pulled an intervention that led him to become Duke.

These flashbacks also showed us just how much Liam (Keegan Allen) was there for his family. We knew that Liam had been putting his family first for the year, but I don’t think we could ever imagine how much. He left a great job. He was flying back and forth between New York. He didn’t tell his parents about Stella’s fight. We can now see where their bond came from.

It was nice to fill in all the pieces of the year.

They wanted to helo their dad but instead pushed him away. (Rebecca Brennen/The CW)

We also got to see why Clint is so mad. Walker pushed Clint and Crystal (Rebekah Graf) to pull the last bank robbery. He was only doing his job, but I can see why Clint is so hurt and how easy it was to get Trevor back on his side.

It was nice seeing how Cordell got close to them.

We also got new information that we couldn’t have even fathomed. Micki (Lindsey Morgan) pulled over Crystal right before the last job. She spotted something was up. We see how she got her promotion. Her boss tried to tell her to stay in her lane, but she had an investigative instinct even as a trooper.

Not only that, Micki went to see Crystal. Walker was just inside and ready to shoot her. Sure it was just a bluff, but still.

Also, just happy we got to see more of her badassery when we were looking into the past.

We also found out that Bonham (Mitch Pileggi) has cancer that he hasn’t told anyone about. It also seems like he and Abeline (Molly Hagan) were separated when she was seeing another man.

Micki was a great investigator, even as a trooper. (Rebecca Brennen/The CW)

We were thrown a lot of information in “A Tale of Two Families.” The episode was so beautifully done as we skated through the year pretty quickly.

We felt the pain. We also felt what everyone had to do to get through that year.

We get back to the present day. Clint is pointing a gun at Walker, Stella is yelling, dad, and looking at Trevor. Then, Liam runs out and gets shot!

I love his protective nature. He ran at multiple guns to protect his brother and niece. What was he thinking? I want him to put himself first for once!

Then the screen fades to black as the guns are still pointing at Walker, and Liam is on the ground, eyes closed.

We have to wait until June 10 to find out what happens. The whole family, including Hoyt, is taking hostage in the promo.

That’s a long time to wait to see what happens, but I’m sure it will be well worth the wait.

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