‘The Bold Type’: To Making Mistakes

One last season and our ladies are finally living together! I think we’re in for a killer season when it starts with our favorite threesome waking up hungover after a fun night of making Sutton feel better.

Only six episodes, but we dove right in. Scarlet was on the eve of a retreat of workshops to prepare them for the presentation to advertisers.

Jane (Katie Stevens) and Sutton (Meghann Fahy) walk-in slightly recovered after their NY bagels with Andrew (Adam Capriolo) handing out mimosas. Sutton takes one, but it’s just way too soon for Jane. This should have been our warning sign for Sutton.

Sutton’s downward spiral wasn’t pretty. She managed to pull through with a brilliant idea for the ad presentation with Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore). She has always been good about coming in unprepared and coming up with a great idea on the fly.

I wondered how many of those mimosas she had while staring at a picture of her and Richard (Sam Page).

She then brings two flasks on the bus to the retreat. Jane did not partake in any. Then had a double shot of vodka at the hotel. Right before Olivier said, they had an hour before presenting their idea to Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) and Carson Kressley. Then she proceeds to fall face-first during the trust falls.

The next morning she finally opens up to Jane and Kat (Aisha Dee). She’s not okay.

I love how Meghann is portraying divorce. It’s brutal, even if it ends quickly. My marriage didn’t last two years. While I didn’t drink my pain away, I get the appeal to do it. I left the country after mine. We all have to do what we have to do to get through. If leaving the scenery with all the memories wasn’t an option, I could have easily been Sutton.

No more secrets for our ladies. (Jonathan Wenk/Freeform)

If it wasn’t for Eva (Alex Paxton-Beesley) covering for her, her coping mechanism could have ruined her career.

I was ready to be done with Eva. I almost started to like her when she was so nice to Sutton.

Then, we finally got an actual ending to the Eva relationship. Kat admitted she couldn’t get past Eva’s beliefs. Her beliefs hurt people like Kat. This is why fans hated this relationship last season. It wasn’t true to her character. Thinking back on it now, she was a little lost, so it’s easily understandable how she ended up there.

I loved that Kat was finally standing for what she believed in again. This is the Kat that we love. I’m so happy that we are getting her back for the last season.

Jane had her own dilemma she was dealing with. She was hiding the fact that she does have feelings for Scott (Mat Vairo). Ironically, she’s dealing with a story about abuse in the workplace when she’s having feelings for her employee.

Maybe Kat and Sutton are right that she can do it right if there is a right way to date your employee.

Her feelings may have already clouded her judgment. She missed an email from Addison (Christine L. Nguyen) telling her that her source, Cynthia’s story, had holes.

This was after Jane’s article was already published. Jacquline trusted her to make the article “bulletproof.”

The beginning of this season is really all about mistakes. Sutton’s mistake not just at the retreat but when she went home. Jane’s mistake with her writer and story, Kat’s mistake of sleeping with Eva.

Alex (Matt Ward) also made a mistake. To get back at the writer who posted a video of him not fighting for his then-girlfriend, he posted a homophobic tweet that the guy posted eight years ago.

Sutton and Jane on their way to the retreat. (Jonathan Wenk/Freeform)

While the larger theme definitely does seem to be mistakes. It was nice that they brought up Cancel Culture. The outlet shouldn’t punish the writer for something he said eight years ago as long as he’s not the same person now.

Sage (Stephanie Costa) brought up a great point to Alex that he would be more aware of how he’s making a girl feel before sex now. This is another lesson he’ll have to learn. It should be interesting to see where the writers take this.

I’ll enjoy watching our ladies learn from their mistakes. This will undoubtedly be a tough final season. Sutton has to move on from Richard. Kat needs to get her career back on track, and Jane will be recovering from this major story mishap.

Here’s to one last season!

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