Welcome Back ‘Walker’

Walker is back in more ways than one!

We knew it wouldn’t take long for our Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki) to get back in the Ranger game. It’s who he is. He may have needed a mental health break, but he’s finally back.

Micki and Larry are sticking together. (Rebecca Brenneman/The CW)

I love the way that he took his job back. Stella (Violet Brinson) convinced him that’s who he was, and he needed to do that to make himself happy. Plus, she wants people like him protecting the city after everything that’s happened.

It was a beautiful moment that made me tear up. I love Stella. She follows her heart, and well, yes, that has gotten her into trouble. She’s a teenage girl, they make mistakes, but she’s learning and growing from them.

“Bad Apples” was quite an intense family episode. Captain Larry James’ (Coby Bell) son, DJ (Joshua Brockington), was in town. It was terrible timing because Larry was working on a corruption case of a police officer. He tried to bring the cop in, but the suspect had too much protecting him. And because the Captain was going after him, the cop went after his son.

We’ve had these scenes before of a black person being pulled over in other shows. However, this scene may have been the most intense yet because the cop planted drugs on DJ right there. Luckily Stella got it all on film, and it was the thing that finally brought the guy down.

Larry’s son cane to town at the worst time. (Rebecca Brenneman/The CW )

I wondered how we would still have these extreme cases after Clint (Austin Nichols) was taken down, but the writers are bringing us new intense cases, and the corruption goes high up. The District Attorney made some mistakes, so there’s a lot more that will pop up. We know that our District Attorney, Liam Walker (Keegan Allen), will get to the bottom of this once he’s elected.

Walker once again hit us with the touching, low-key moments. Both Cordell and Trey (Jeff Pierre) were kind of having an identity crisis. Cordi because he wasn’t a Ranger and Trey because he decided he didn’t want to be a surgeon anymore and just didn’t know what he wanted to be.

I loved that Trey went to talk to Cordell, but he really should have spoken to Micki (Lindsey Morgan). Cordi gave him the advice he needed to figure it out. He told him to think with his heart and not his brain on this one.

Trey and Cordell have a heart-to-heart. (Rebecca Brenneman/The CW)

It turns out he wants to be a psychologist. I love this. It’s such an important job, and so many people need help with their mental health. I loved the Tricki moments we got around his career decision. But, of course, Micki was going to be supportive. I wish they would talk to each other more than Cordell, but I love the scenes we get with them and Cordell, so I can’t complain. Tricki is the cutest. I want so much more of these sweet, low-key scenes.

Bret (Alex Landi) is finally back, too! Not in the way any of us hoped. He’s moved on to another guy, but he will be working on Liam’s campaign. Can they really be just professional? Them working together will lead to them back together, right? I can wait.

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