‘The Resident’: Is Bell Going to Be Okay?

I can’t believe it’s the winter finale of The Resident already. And they are
leaving us with a major cliffhanger.

A patient comes in with a fever from unknown origins on The Resident.
Devon tries to solve a mystery case of a patient with a fever from unknown origins. (FOX)

I had a bad feeling that they would leave us hanging on Dr. Randolph Bell’s (Bruce Greenwood)) diagnosis. This is going to be torture having to wait. And The Resident isn’t even coming back until February 1! How do they expect us to wait that long? The look on Dr. Conrad Hawkin’s (Matt Czuchry) face is terrible. But it does sound like it’s treatable. So, maybe just concern has a friend? This is going to eat away at me until we get some answers.

Bell tried his best to hide what was going on with him, but it was hard not to notice something was up. Dr. Kit Voss (Jane Leeves) saw right through him, and Nurse Jessica Moore (Jessica Miesel) knows something is up too, but she tried not to show it, not very well, but that’s because she’s so sweet.

It did give us a great KitBell scene. Kit tried to get it out of Bell but, in the end, told him that when he was ready, to come to her. Since she is the CEO, maybe she should have been more forceful, but Bell isn’t operating. He’s not hurting anyone. He’s even making good calls to help other surgeons. His mental capacity is clearly still there, but what’s going on with these physical symptoms?

I’m going to lose it if there is something seriously wrong with him. We just lost Nic Nevin (Emily VanCamp). We can’t lose Bell too.

Devon pulls Conrad on to the case on The Resident.
Devon pulls in the best person at mystery cases, Conrad. (FOX)

While we were waiting for test results that we were never going to get in this episode, we had one of the best mystery cases to date. A man came in with a fever from unknown origins. It started pretty similar to the other mystery cases, but I don’t know if the service dog made me more attached to the patient or if it was just seeing Dr. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal) teach Trevor (Miles Fowler). We didn’t even get to talk to the man that much. His dog was more of a guest star than he was. But the dog was great. When Trevor froze when asked what to do, the dog barked to get him to act. That’s a great dog to understand what was going on with his dad. And when put down on his owner’s lap when he was incubated, he sits down, ready to watch over him. It was so cute.

This has nothing to do with the case, but definitely why I was attached to the patient more than usual.

We don’t know Trevor that well yet, but we know he cares deeply about his patients, even if he doesn’t go about it the right way to help them. He’s getting better. Here he was faced with an impossible case. He kept trying to find answers, but there were no answers to be found. He was reminded by multiple doctors that sometimes the patient dies before a solution is found, but he didn’t like that reasoning. He wanted the answer, and he got it. All because of a map that fell out of the patient’s doggy bag. It’s crazy how it can be a simple thing that leads to a rare diagnosis. It was great. It was intense, but I’m happy the patient lived.

A new doctor on The Resident.
We have a mysterious new doctor that has no digital footprint. (FOX)

And it also partly introduced us to our new ER doctor. It started with a pile-up on the interstate. Dr. Kincaid Sullivan (Kaley Ronayne) was sent to help, and she and Conrad teamed up. She was a badass, and I totally saw her becoming Chaistain’s next ER doctor.

Unfortunately, she is hiding something. Kit is excellent at reading people. But who knew the depth of her deception. Kincaid has no digital footprint. That is a major red flag. Even if her social media profiles are private, at least her education and work history should be visible online. It sounds like she will be an interesting addition to the cast.

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