‘Chicago PD’: Where Does This Leave Burzek?

Chicago PD seems to like to give Kim Burgess the most intense episodes. Hasn’t she been through enough already? Haven’t we? But this is also what we love about the show. And this episode kept us at the edge of our seats while Burgess and Adam Ruzek try to save Makayla.

Kim Burgess devastated that Makayla has been taken on Chicago PD.
Kim Burgess is devastated that Makayla has been taken. (NBC)

I gain more respect for Marina Squerciati in each intense episode she gets thrown. At the beginning of “Gone,” Kim couldn’t even speak, but you knew every emotion she was feeling just by her face. That’s why the writers keep giving her these storylines because she does them so well. Even if it makes us a mess in the process, we keep coming back for them.

Kim and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) were both an emotional mess. Understandably so. They lashed out at Theo Morris (Derek Webster) when they thought he had taken Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams). Who else knew about Kim and Adam doing pizza with Makayla on Fridays? Plus, Theo was suspiciously waiting outside of Makayla’s school. He didn’t paint a good picture for himself.

It wasn’t Makayla’s uncle, though. It was her father. He just wanted money for his protection in prison, so he and his girlfriend created a scheme to ramson his daughter since he knew Theo had money. The poor girl. I hope she can have a peaceful existence from this point on.

Let’s go back to Ruzek and Burgess going after Theo. It only took one reprimand from Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) for Kim to at least act calmer when in the field. I think she knew her emotions were hurting the case, but Voight and Kim scolded Adam multiple times, and he still wouldn’t let up. He went rogue in the middle of an operation. Hank should have taken him off the case because he was too emotional to conduct himself properly. And it could have cost Makayla her life. Voight probably didn’t think he could pull Adam off the case. If he did it, Adam would have been conducting his own investigation. Also, it’s more fun for us when we’re sitting here yelling at the screen, telling Adam to calm down.

Adam Ruzek can't keep his emotions in check while they save Makayla on Chicago PD.
Where does Adam Ruzek fit into Kim and Makayla’s lives now? (NBC)

“Gone” also opened up questions for the future of Burzek. While they’ve been undefined for a while, the closer they got to Makayla, it seemed like there was a road for them to get back together. Now, who knows. You could see it all over Adam’s face at the end. In the heat of the moment, Kim told Adam that Makayla was her daughter right after calling her “our daughter.” Either that was just a response to the situation, or that’s how she feels. But Adam is worn out. He did everything in his power to get Makayla back, even if it wasn’t always the right thing. Ruzek believed it was. Now, she’s home safe, and he doesn’t know where he fits into her life. Kim and Adam are feeling very different things in the aftermath of the episode.

After all the court drama and Makayla being kidnapped, it looks like Kim and Theo will both be in Makayla’s life. She had him come to the hospital to be with his niece. Despite Theo’s initial reactions, he may not be the bad guy we thought he was. But those were our initial reactions to him since he was trying to take Makayla away from Kim, and we have strong reactions when someone messes with one of ours. This will be good for Makayla to have a relationship with a blood relative while also having Kim as her mom. To be determined where Adam fits into this.

My heart filled up so much when I saw Makayla Burgess on her hospital wristband. Kim has come so far from when she got pregnant with Adam and didn’t know what she wanted to realizing she wanted a child and losing it. She once thought this would never happen for her, and now she’s a mom. Who literally just did anything for her kid. She finally got her dream. Even if it’s been a bumpy road to get here, it goes to show that having a family isn’t always the way we expect it. But, it can be even better.

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