CBS Needs to Renew ‘Good Sam’

Good Sam has concluded its first season with no word from CBS if it will get a second. However, with Upfronts just around the corner, the network might make that decision soon. And with a few cliffhangers, I hope it gets the green light for season two. I haven’t had enough of the Good Sam world.

Sam Griffith is now the Chief of Cardio on Good Sam
Congratulations to our new Chief of Cardio. (CBS)

After we got what we wanted, Dr. Sam Griffith (Sophia Bush) winning the chief job, we found out we lost a little too. Dr. Griff Griffth (Jason Isaacs) stole the Cheif Medical Officer job from his ex-wife, Vivian Katz (Wendy Crewson). Just wow. He doesn’t even know what the job entails. Is this a job he’s at all qualified for? It seems he cares more about the power than the actual job. CMO is an administrative job, and part of it is getting people to work well together, and he doesn’t work well with anyone. I see a disaster coming.

I was wondering how they would keep the father-daughter feud going. Giving Griff the CMO job does precisely that. Not only does Sam want her mom to get her job back, there aren’t many people in the hospital that want him in charge of the hospital. It’s only Byron Kingsley (Evan Parke) that wants him around.

Malcolm and Caleb on Good Sam.
Who will Sam choose? (CBS)

The season finale also renewed the love triangle. Just as Sam and Malcolm Kingsley (Edwin Hodge) are about to go on their first do-over date, Dr. Caleb Tucker (Michael Stahl-David) decides to try again with her. She has feelings for both of them, but who does she love? Sam was upset that Caleb was leaving, but she also quickly decided to give Malcolm and her another chance. I’d love to know what was in that recommendation letter. Sam is either not ready to go there with Caleb again or she’s ready to move on. Assuming we get a second season, we’ll get to watch this unfold. I just wish Sam was at the door when both men knocked. I hope the writers give us that scene or a similar one. Her reaction will say it all.

Another cliffhanger the writers left us with is not knowing what Dr. Joey Costa (Davi Santos) did in Vermont. How bad is it? Did he kill a patient? And how has Tim Davis (Stephen Tracey) been covering for him? And Dr. Isan M. Shah (Omar Maskati) is correct. He does use people. His relationship with Tim has been all one-sided. Not that that excused Tim for cheating, but he needs to learn empathy before he ends up all alone. He may have already done that. He won’t open himself up to Tim, and now Isan is blackmailing him to keep his secret. His horrible choices and how he treats people have got him in this situation. It will be interesting to see if the writers can redeem him.

Dr. Lex Trullie and Dr. Nick Vega on Good Sam.
Will we have flirty scenes with these two? (CBS)

Dr. Lex Trulie (Skye P. Marshall) is another doctor I need more of in my life. She’s killing it in her job, and when Dr. Nick Vega (Gerardo Celasco) kisses her, she pushes him away and says she can’t get involved with her boss again. I’m happy she’s learned her lesson, and hopefully, we get to see her career journey in the ER more. I’m here for dirty scenes with her and Vega, though. Just because they aren’t going to be involved doesn’t mean we can’t have those.

Now, CBS needs to renew this show. It’s got all the drama and the cases we love from a medical show, and it’s got characters we love. Plus, I don’t want to see Sophia’s show get canceled. She’s worked too hard for that. And it sounds like the environment on set is much better than in two of her shows. She deserves this. We deserve this.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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