‘All American’: Can Asher & JJ’s Friendship Survive?

JJ Parker is digging a hole he may not be able to get out of. Asher Adams tried so many times to get him back on track, but all JJ wanted to do was party. I’m not sure their friendship can survive the fallout.

JJ and Asher at prom on All American
A look back at what the friendship once was. (The CW)

For most of All American, JJ (Hunter Clowdus) has been a character I didn’t like much. But then, at the end of high school, he seemed to turn things around. He was focused on making sure his friends captured all the memories. This was so sweet. I still have a lot of great memories from the end of high school.

Then he started helping his friends quell arguments. He kept bringing them back together. This is the JJ that I love. He’s still doing all of this, but his relationship with Asher (Cody Christian) may not last much longer. It’s clear that Ash has replaced JJ with Jabari Long (Simeon Daise). It was the right move. It gives Jabari this great opportunity, and it’s what’s right for the team. Jordan Baker (Michael Evans Behling) and Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) still keep up their training in the off-season. And they are still having fun. But JJ is all fun and no work.

JJ hasn’t realized yet that Jabari will take his spot if he keeps this up. He came so close to going into the gym, but the peer pressure was too much. Saying, “you did go to the gym,” was enough to convince JJ to go – as Asher watched from afar, knowing that would be what he did.

When it finally sinks in, what will JJ do? He’ll feel betrayed, but this isn’t a high school football team. I don’t watch college football, but I know what a big deal it is. It’s tough to make it. It’s tough to keep in it. JJ is wasting this big opportunity. JJ only got this spot because Asher couldn’t take it. He’s lucky even to be there.

JJ is a lot of fun, yes, but right now, he’s annoying me. Even Jordan and Spence tried to tell him that Asher tried. For a moment, we thought that was the wake-up call he needed, but it didn’t last long.

We may not get to see Asher being a coach to JJ much longer, but if the promo for next week’s episode is anything to go by, Ash may recruit Spencer and Jordan. It’s TBD if their football program stays afloat after the Garrett fallout.

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