Only Murders in the Building “CoBro” Puts Mixed Season 3 Back On Track With Everything We Love

I’ve loved being back in the Only Murders in the Building world, but not every episode has hit the mark this season, even with the stellar guest stars.

Warning: Spoilers

Selena Gomez on Only Murders in the Building
Mabel is flying solo this season. (Hulu)

Our trio hasn’t spent much time investigating together this season. The detective work has almost taken a back seat this season with Oliver (Martin Short) and his musical. It has Mabel (Selena Gomez) doing a lot of the work herself or with the help of her new love interest, Tobert (Jesse Williams).

There have definitely been great moments in each episode, but not all of the episode has brought what made fans fall in love with Only Murdres in the Building. None of them even recorded for the podcast until this episode — episode seven! That’s a long time for a series that’s supposed to be about a murder podcast.

But things got back on track in “CoBro.” The trio is not back together, but there were a lot of funny moments and faces from the previous seasons. Uma (Jackie Hoffman) played a more central role in this episode while also narrating. We learned she is a klepto and stole Ben’s (Paul Rudd) handkerchief from his dead body. We also got to see Bunny (Jayne Houdyshell) again, which was a serious blast from the past.

Bunny and Uma on Only Murders in the Building
Bunny and Uma are back on Only Murders in the Building. (Hulu)

The person fans will most be excited to see back is Theo (James Caverly). His chemistry with Mabel is even more evident, and she’s learned ALS since last season. It’s a shame it took this long for him to show up. If we can’t have our trio together, we should definitely have Theo and Mabel together.

Plus, with Theo and Tobert’s support, she recorded the teaser for season three of the podcast, noting she was flying solo this time. It definitely hurt Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver’s feelings, but they waited too long to apologize to her.

The three of them getting back together will be harder now that Mabel has officially moved out of the Arconia. We haven’t been told where she moved to. Manhattan? Brooklyn? Queens? That will change the dynamic of the series in the last few episodes. If Only Murders in the Building gets a season four, it only makes sense that they are back in the Arconia.

Matthew Broderick guest stars on Only Murders in the Building.
Matthew Broderick guest stars on Only Murders in the Building. (Hulu)

As for this episode, a lot was going on. And we got another huge talent. This time, Matthew Broderick, playing himself. This was so much fun. Matthew was annoying Oliver, and it was fun to see Oliver getting spun out of control and realizing Charles was the best man for the role.

Part of the problem this season is because there is a lot of great talent, and not every episode is getting that dynamic right. This episode not only got it right but excelled. It also gave a lot of clues to the case. Possibly because clues have only been in drips and drabs this season. We needed to catch the evidence back up, with only three more episodes left of the season.

Let’s hope the following episodes bring more of the elements we love, but there could be a big payoff by the end once everything is woven together. There are so many theories on who the killer is: Donna (Linda Emond) and Cliff, Loretta (Meryl Streep) and Dickie (Wesley Taylor), though with this episode making all signs point to Dickie, he’s probably less likely the killer.

Now that we’re back to truly solving Ben’s murder let’s dive into the suspects and find out who the murderer is this season.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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