Nashville Season 1 Episode 8

nsh-keyart-v2-630-jpg_223313 (1)Teddy told Rayna about the pictures and it was probably a good thing too, since Coleman didn’t sit on them for very long.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Teddy did have an affair with Peggy, right? I could have sworn that’s what happened. Or maybe Teddy is just spinning the story so well he’s got me confused.

So he came clean about the embezzlement, which is good. You can’t keep that secret from your wife for too long. I really feel for Rayna, she can’t trust her husband, she can’t trust her sister and she certainly can’t trust her father. She’s all alone and for publicity sake she’s standing by Teddy. She whispered in Teddy’s ear: I did this for our daughters.

I think that a tour offer has come just at the right time for her. She may not want to go on tour with Juliette, but I think that might be the best thing at the moment.

Deacon is also heading off on tour. Juliette was right, he shouldn’t for a second had to think about going out on tour, but he’s still in love with Rayna. I don’t think he knows how to let go of Rayna. How do you just move on from the love of your life? Rayna married a man she thought would be a good husband and father and it turns out Teddy is not the man she thought he was. Rayna may have two daughters, but the love of her life is Deacon.

Juliette spent one night with Sean’s family and now she’s asking him to marry her. I understand that she’s upset and mad about her mother, but she can’t just create a family for herself. She hardly even knows Sean. It’s way too soon to be popping the question. I think he will say no and that won’t leave their relationship in a good state.

I don’t think Gunnar should have kissed Scarlett right after breaking up with Haley. Scarlett is still getting over Avery, she’s a mess and Gunnar knows that. He went in too soon. Now their partnership is threatened just as they may be getting their big break.

Avery may be getting his big break, but only if he can leave his band behind. Do you think he will? He jeopardized he’s relationship with Scarlett for his dream. This is when we will see who Avery is.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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