Gossip Girl Final Season, The Last Goodbye

gossip_girl_season_6_by_brucas-d52xn3gThe story behind Gossip Girl is that it was a love story between Dan and Serena.

Dan Humphrey created Gossip Girl so he could write himself into the Upper East Side so he could get a chance at being with Serena. Does it get much better than that?

Chuck and Blair may have seemed like the love story in the show, but all this time it was Dan and Serena.

I’ve seen few series finales that have truly done the series justice. The writers of Gossip Girl did the story and the fans justice in this incredible series finale. Were you in tears? I was.

We got Georgina scheming with Jack Bass for a Chuck and Blair wedding and we also got a Serena and Dan wedding!

We also got cameos by Vanessa, Jenny, Eric, Juliette, that crazy model Agnus and Kristen Bell herself.

It’s sad that Gossip Girl is over, but GG couldn’t have gone out in more style.

Let’s get back to the fact that after all this time that Dan is Gossip Girl. I never would have guessed. It’s genius though. You can’t just walk your way into an elite club.

Vanessa said he wanted to be in more than Jenny and she was right. If only Vanessa knew why he wanted to be in. For the love and affection of Serena van der woodsen.

Did the writers have this planned all along? If so this is the best kept secret. I don’t know how the writers and creators could have held their tongues for this long.

I will never look at any Gossip Girl episode the same now.

Here is a link to the final chapter that was published in The Spectator.

What did you think of the episode? Did you guess that Dan was GG? Leave me a comment.

Here’s a clip of GG being revealed:


Mandy Carr

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