My Favorite Private Practice Episodes Number 9

9. The End of a Beautiful Friendship 
Season 3 Episode 23

The doctors of Private Practice spent this episode in the waiting room. Doctors are no good being on the other side of things. They prefer to be hands on, but only Addison and Amelia could be the saviors in this episodes, or well at least try to be saviors.

Maya and Dell were in a car accident and Maya had broken her spine and was in labor. Sam just happened to be operating on the driver who caused the accident.  Sam was unaware of what was going on with his daughter. Pete kept trying to pull Sam out of the operating room but he was in the middle of surgery. Eventually Sam found a pausing point and Pete prepared Sam as best as he could before he told him the news. Without a word Same ran to Maya.

Charlotte had called another heart surgeon and he was on his way, but until then, Sam had to continue operating on the man that hit his daughter. He didn’t know that the man on his table was the man who caused the crash until the anesthesia started wearing off and the man’s hand was moving. The anesthetist informed Sam that the man had a very high alcohol level. It clicked and Sam just stood there. Pete looked Sam in the eyes and lied to him and said that the man that hit Maya died. When Sam found out that Pete lied he punched him.

While all this was going on Dell was in serious condition, but he didn’t say a word and no one asked him because everyone was so worried about Maya. Dell had two brain bleeds. Amelia was able to save Maya, but she wasn’t able to save Dell.

Private Practice is very good with emotions. When Amelia comes out to inform them she doesn’t say a word. Her face and then everyone’s faces tell the story. Then with no sound Pete sits down and tells Betsy. Through this whole scene hardly any words are spoken but your heart breaks.

Through the episode you are on the edge of your seat wondering if Maya will make it through and the baby and then hoping that Dell will pull through. It’s like everything stops when Dell dies. All the emotion is building up over the episode and then the writers tug at your heart when you realize Dell is gone.

Another reason to like this episode: Cooper proposed to Charlotte and lets not forget Sam and Addison finally getting together! Everything that’s great about Private Practice all in one episode.

I found a little video made in tribute to the season three finale by deardiarymoment, enjoy!


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