Private Practice Season 6 Episode 11

484905_10151154257362123_861895285_nWe’ve hardly seen Amelia all season and in one episode we get her for the majority of the hour. She’s popped up here and there talking to the other characters, but other than a little flirtation with James, she hasn’t had her own storyline this season. Amelia had such a big storyline last season with the intervention, her boyfriend overdosing and her delivering a baby with no brain. She went from really intense to hardly there.

Her storyline for this season is moving on. This episode fills in the gaps and expands on what little we already knew about the flourishing James and Amelia relationship.

At the beginning of the episode Amelia was at a meeting talking about how good she is. She kept saying she was good like she was trying to convince herself, but instead she was lonely and miserable. She has a new apartment, but hasn’t unpacked or bought any food and just sits on the couch watching TV and eating junk food. So the ladies in the office decide to set her up on dates and they were all horrible.

The watching TV came in handy though. Amelia was watching an informercial about a french fries cutter. She remembered Jake saying ‘good fries are hard to come by’. James had said he went to a place every Friday that had good fries. It just so happened to be Friday. Amelia went. This part we knew already, we just didn’t know what made her go.

The relationship blossomed slowly, but by the end of the episode they were in love. A very light hearted storyline for Amelia for change.

Only two more episodes left. I hope we get to see more of the doctors in the last two episodes. I miss all the other doctors.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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