‘Chicago PD’: A Threat Assessment Turns Deadly

Ruzek almost crosses the line while trying find Felicia's killer.
Ruzek almost crosses the line while trying to find Felicia’s killer.

‘Chicago P.D.’ was going under cover to assess the threat level before the World Trade Conference.

They all brought back reports, but nothing that added to much. Olinsky ended up getting a little buzz from the group he was spying on.

The unit moved to go to the threat assessment meeting and on the way Ruzek got a message from a girl in the Black Grid, the group he had infiltrated. She sounded in trouble, so Ruzek and Olinsky went to check it out. When they got to the hotel there’s a big crash onto a car. It was the girl falling.

Her name was Felicia Hughes. It appeared that she’d been hooking, but it was a Foreign diplomat, so the C.P.D. couldn’t talk to him. The F.B.I. had control of the hotel and the man. The diplomat, Sorca, claimed to have nothing to do with the girl’s death.

Antonio spoke to one of his C.I.s that claimed she saw the girl with him, but it looked to be her first time hooking.

Sorca was clearly not telling them something, but they couldn’t get near him.

Voight asked his unit if they’ve heard of rendition. Jay said him and Mouse had and Voight said they were going to do it Chicago style.

They stop Sorca’s entourage and his people brought out their guns. They took him into custody, but didn’t take him down to the station.

They knew that Sorca was linked to escorting services, so this wasn’t his first time.

Mouse was able to crack his phone and found a blackmail email. Someone was blackmailing Sorca. He didn’t kill Felicia. Sorca and Voight came up with a story about what happened, when Voight took him into custody, he wanted to see Chicago.

Mouse tracked the place of origin of the email to a Janet Rutowski’s house. When they searched the house they found out it was the leader of Black Grid’s house, Matt, aka Mad Max.

The best place to catch him would be at the protest, but Ruzek informed them that they had cell phone jammers. No problem, Olinsky had them go old school, with old walkie talkies.

What did the note from Olivia Benson say?
What did the note from Olivia Benson say?

Ruzek couldn’t find Mad Max anywhere. Then they found more people with helmets and went after them. Burgess caught Mad Max.

Matt didn’t send the email though. Erin and Ruzek grilled him, but it wasn’t him. He wrote down all the people he was with that night.

They had no leads. Then Mouse and Jay came up with an idea. It was something they did in the military. They proposed emailing the blackmailer to meet up. Then the blackmailer would show up and they could take him.

They did just that. Antonio was the man for the exchange. Of course when intelligence moved in, the man drove off on his motorcycle, but on side walks. Ruzek managed to tackle him, it was another member of Black Grid.

It took some convincing to get the guy to confess. He claimed it was Sierra’s idea (her code name). Ruzek was insistent on him using her real name, Felicia.

He claimed she did it for the cause. She may have been in on it too, but she was still pushed from the window. He finally came clean and said they argued about his cut and he didn’t mean to push her that hard.

Ruzek was obsessed with finding Felicia’s killer. So obsessed that Burgess thought something happened between the two of them. She asked Roman if he ever had anything happen undercover with a girl. He didn’t really help, but said Ruzek was upset that someone he knew died and to let him run with it. She may have meant very little to Ruzek, but it still hurts when someone you know gets killed.

At the beginning of the episode Voight got a little present from Olivia Benson, but we never get to find out what the note said. Will this lead to another cross over? I know one is coming.

Jay’s brother came into town and Erin was very happy to meet him. Will isn’t being honest with his brother about what brings him to Chicago. He might come clean after Jay came home to find Will badly beaten. Does this have anything to do with the cross over?

Next week all evidence is pointing to Voight and he has to clean up the mess. Take a look at the promo:


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