‘Gotham’ Review: Gordon and Bruce’s Journeys are Just Beginning

The Bat Cave is here!
The Bat Cave is here!

With the end of season one, comes the discovery of the Bat Cave! This makes me very excited to see what’s next for Bruce and Alfred. Bruce is a very smart boy for his age. He knew his father had a secret, while Alfred brushed aside the notion, but Bruce was right. Now what will he find in the Bat Cave?

This was a very exciting season finale. A lot of twists and turns. I still can’t believe Selina sided with Mooney. I guess her first kill gave her a taste for more and Mooney is quite sweet to her protégés. I’m thinking this might be the end of the Bruce and Selina friendship, seeing as she’s gone over to the dark side.

I really like how they wrote Mooney off the show. She could be dead, but she could always come back. That fall doesn’t necessarily mean she’s gone. The writers have kept the door open for Jada Pinket-Smith to return if she likes. Fish Mooney is a tough woman. I really don’t think that fall will have killed her. She’s scooped out her own eye and got shot while flying a helicopter, I really doubt this is her end.

As for Oswald, he’s getting ahead of himself. He has a long way to go before he becomes the legendary villain he’s meant to be. That is if the writers are sticking to the story. He’s quite good though. He’s tied up, about to die, and he starts an argument between Maroni and Mooney. Which lead to Mooney shooting Maroni.

So what exactly is next for Gotham? Maroni is dead, Falcone is retiring and leaving the city in Gordon’s hands. Is this where Gordon’s journey really begins? He’s had a rough start. He was even basically fired at one point. Commissioner Loeb even left him for dead in the finale and tried to get him killed with the Ogre. He started the episode believing he was done in Gotham, now Falcone leaves the city in his hands.

Falcone knew Jim’s father well. Mr. Gordon gave Falcone a knife a long time ago telling him: “A knife is a good friend, when you have no other.” Falcone gives Jim this knife and tells him that his father was the most honest man he knew and he carried a knife. It looks like both Bruce and Jim are learning things about their father this week.

The two most exciting parts of this episode was the fight between Mooney and Penguin and Barbara and Lee. The Oswald and Mooney fight has been a long time coming. He betrayed her at the beginning of the season and she’s wanted him dead ever since. It was a fight to the death kind of fight and Butch coming in at the end made it even more interesting. He had no idea who to shoot, so he shot both them, only injuring them though. The Penguin pushed Mooney of the roof and now he believes he’s King of Gotham, not so fast Oswald, you were technically arrested for attempted murder.

The fight between Barbara and Lee was very scary. Barbara has completely lost it. Whatever Jason did to her has stayed with her. She still has the glazed over look in her eye and she believes she killed her own parents. I think it’s safe to say she’s had a psychotic break.

So one question, why was Barbara’s the safe place to go? Wasn’t there anywhere else they could have gone?

Season one had a slow beginning, but the Commissioner Gordon and Batman’s story has started well. They are both on their way to becoming the men they need to be.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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