‘Bones’ Review: The Verdict Was Hidden in the Victims

One small piece of evidence convinced Brennan that they convicted the wrong man.
One small piece of evidence convinced Brennan that they convicted the wrong man.

We got a double dose of ‘Bones’ this week and the second case was particularly exciting. The squints are great when they’re under a time crunch.

A few episodes ago the squints investigated a ritual killing serial killer. They found their man and convicted him, but in light of new evidence, Brennan didn’t believe he could have killed the victims. The suspect had a shoulder injury that would have prevented him from killing the first victim. This wasn’t good enough to stay the execution, because the suspect was never actually charged with this murder. Brennan had to come up with more conclusive evidence to stop the innocent man from dying.

Booth, Aubrey, Brennan and the squints got right to work trying to find new evidence. They questioned suspects again and exhumed the bodies to examine.

They even found a new victim and that wasn’t enough to stay the execution. Finally they found a mark on the bones that led them to the weapon and the killer. Booth and Aubrey were in the murderer’s house looking for the weapon with less than 15 minutes left till the execution. This case really came down to the wire and it was thrilling to watch.

After 10 seasons it’s amazing how the writers can still come up with such compelling cases and have two in a row in one night. The first episode touched on the issues of bullies and the second episode brought up the big debate of the death penalty. They were having the debate in the middle of the case. Booth no longer believes in the death penalty after this case. Two big issues we face today were written so elegantly into two great episodes. These episodes are sure to make you think about these issues.

The first episode Brennan was questioning her work and in the second episode Angela was questioning it. She even started looking at houses in Paris. She doesn’t just want a vacation home in Paris, she wants to move there. Hodgins said she wasn’t dreaming big enough and looked up some houses himself.

Could this signal the end of ‘Bones’? Both major couples are rethinking their lifestyle. There is no word yet if ‘Bones’ will get an eleventh season. This could be the writers hinting towards the end.

Next week it looks like Arastoo is taken and Cam calls Booth to save him. Brennan also finds out Booth is gambling again. Can their marriage survive his addiction? Take a look at the promo:


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