‘Gilmore Girls’: Dean vs. Jess vs. Logan

adelate | photobucket.com
adelate | photobucket.com

At the ‘Gilmore Girls’ reunion at the ATX Festival, some of the cast weighed in on who there favorite of Rory’s boyfriends were. Milo Ventimiglia said Dean, Jared Padalecki said Jess and Matt Czuchry also said Jess. But Jared said if Milo didn’t show up to the panel, he would have said Logan.

Alexis Bledel, who played Rory, wouldn’t give an answer and Scott Patterson, said none of them were good enough for Rory in true Luke fashion.

So who was the best boyfriend? Dean was the best first boyfriend a girl and especially a mother could ask for. He was really sweet and generous, but lets be honest, he was a bit boring. He never read Rory’s articles and if he did, he never had much to say about them.

slpeasley | photobucket.com
slpeasley | photobucket.com

Jess on the other hand was dangerous and always kept us guessing. He was a mother’s nightmare and Lorelai hated him. Jess may not have had any direction in life, but he was very smart. He could actually keep up with Rory. He was recommending her books and could talk about literature with her. But lets face it, Rory had goals, Jess was going nowhere.

Logan was always my favorite. He was a bigger bad boy than Jess, but he was such an interesting character. Jess had no direction and Logan had too much direction. His life was already planned out for him. But he was really, really smart and he always read Rory’s pieces. He was very attracted to Rory’s brain. He never really pursued her because he never wanted to break her heart.

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kaitisydgraphics | photobucket.com

This relationship was the most interesting with the ups and downs with Logan’s parents, when they were on a break and his business screw up. Logan and Rory always pushed each other and inspired each other. Rory ultimately won Logan in the end making him want to settle down. Rory’s relationship with Logan was very different than her high school ones. It wasn’t easy and it made for great entertainment. I especially loved when Rory was calling the shots. She really grew up during this relationship, something she never did with Jess or Dean.

I enjoyed watching Rory with all of her boyfriends, but Logan is my favorite.

Who was your favorite and why? Vote and then let me know why in the comments!

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