‘The Whispers’ Review: Seeking Drill

What will Harper have to do next to save her mom?
What will Harper have to do next to save her mom?

It’s still unclear exactly what Drill is, but he’s certainly getting scarier as we get to know him. I mean he has the ability to bring back Harper’s mom, if he chooses too. She just has to win the game first.

Should Harper trust Drill? Or is she just a means to an end? Claire desperately tried get Harper to tell her about Drill and if her husband is Drill, but Claire has an ulterior motive. She better be careful, I don’t think her partner, Jessup, is going to be so willing to help her.

Claire saw Sean. She looked right at him and then when Wes asked if it was him, she said she didn’t get a good look. She definitely got a good look, but he may not have the same look in his eyes that she’s use to. He’s been through a lot, and we don’t even know the half of it. What we do know is that his plane crashed, in a crash he shouldn’t have survived, and somehow he made it all the way back home. But who is he now?

He doesn’t remember his name, but his amnesia seems to be a little like Jason Bourne’s amnesia. He doesn’t remember his family or who is, but his training is still shining through. He knows to get rid of a sim card after using a phone and he had a change of clothes stored in the woods. He’s clearly not out of it like he appeared to be in the hospital last week, but what is he doing?

He’s got a storage unit of newspaper clippings and clues about all of the events going on. He’s also got multiple tattoos of clues too. In the shower he had some sort of episode where he remembered something or something came to him. He passed out and when he woke up, he drew a symbol on the floor. Then he got it tattooed to him. But what does it all mean?

Wes is so desperately trying to solve the case, tread lightly where Claire is concerned and patch up his marriage. He’s not doing well at any of them.

Drill has picked some smart kids with some very well placed parents, but their parents are all preoccupied with their personal lives. That makes them very easy targets.

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