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Pretty_Little_Liars_new_poster_season_5_July_2014I put off watching ‘Pretty Little Liars’ for a long time. I thought I was too old to watch a high school show. And you know you’re old when the mother of the stars was the star in one of your teen shows (Holly Marie Combs played Piper Halliwell on ‘Charmed’ and plays one of the Liars’ mothers, Ella Montgomery). What I didn’t realize was how beyond high school the storyline went and when you stop to think that they are just teenagers, it makes the plot even more suspenseful.

In the first season I got stuck on some of the truly high school moments, but I kept watching and by the second season I was addicted. I only started watching the series a few weeks ago and I’ve already caught all the way up to season six. I’m actually a bit sad that I’m up-to-date with the show, that means I can no longer just press play. How can I possibly wait weekly for another clue about who ‘A’ is?! I finally know what everyone is talking about.

I love the four little liars, but I think I like Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) and Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) the best. I love how competitive Spencer is. She’ll do just about anything to win. The mystery of ‘A’ has got her so twisted up that everything that was important to her has been forgotten. She fixates on one thing until she gets all the answers. This sometimes gets on my nerves, but it definitely propels the storyline. This trait has been seen more and more with the other liars too throughout the series.

I like Aria because she’s really smart about literary things, which I think is what brought her and Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) together. I’ve enjoyed watching their romance and all the obstacles they’ve had to break through. And this girl knows how to dress. All the liars have great taste in fashion. They all have their distinct style. Aria and Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) are my favorite liars for fashion. I don’t think I’ve seen an outfit on these girls I didn’t like. 

The only little liar I really don’t like is Hanna. She has no filter and I get mad at how incentive she can be. She does some really stupid things, but she has a really big heart. Sometimes she needs to take a moment to think about what she’s going to say and do. While Hanna may be my least favorite liar, I really like her relationship with Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn). Just like all of the boyfriends on the show, Caleb would do anything for Hanna. She’s grown a lot with him and it’s nice that she has someone looking out for her, with all of the mistakes she makes. But at least those mistakes are made with the best intentions. 

Most TV shows have couples together for a season or two, especially teen shows. ‘PLL’ has prolonged all of the relationships. Most of the relationships have spanned most of the series. They’ve been off and on, but always find their way back to each other. Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) is the only one that’s had the most relationships on the show. I’ve enjoyed watching Emily find her way. It’s hard for me to pick favorites. I say I like Aria and Spencer the best, but I also really like Emily. I think in any given episode my favorite character can change. It depends on what they are going through and the character development happening. There is a lot of character development that goes on and the actors really do a great job when the characters are at their breaking points. 

The writing on this show is great. I can love a character and then the writers can make me hate the character and go back to liking them again. The writers really know how to pull at my emotions.

There’s been so many possibilities for ‘A’, but at this point when the writers give us a clue about a particular person, I assume they’re not ‘A’. It’s clear that the real ‘A’ won’t be revealed until the end at this point.

I wonder if the writers have known who ‘A’ is from the beginning. There’s been so many clues at this point, I just want them all to add up. I hope they’ve known who ‘A’ is all along. The story and suspense has just been building since the beginning.

It started out with ‘A’ bullying them with their secrets and it’s turned into murder and kidnapping. Whoever ‘A’ is, they have some major pull to frame the girls for murder and kidnap them right out of police custody.

From the beginning ‘A’ has been using their lies against them and turning the town against them. When Ali returned she seemed to help ‘A’ with his/her agenda. It was just more likes on top of more lies. Haven’t they learned by now that ‘A’ will throw their lies back in their face? Now the liars are truly victims and they are still left out in the cold. What is ‘A”s endgame? Will he/she stop when they are all destroyed or dead?

I was sucked into this ‘Gossip Girl’ meets ‘Veronica Mars’ show and now I can’t stop watching the mystery of ‘A’.

Here’s the promo for season six of ‘PLL’:


Mandy Carr

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