‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Review: The Platform for Season 6

Maura colored outside the lines by finding a loop hole for them to watch the autopsy.
Maura colored outside the lines by finding a loop hole for them to watch the autopsy.

It’s not often that ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ puts you right in the middle of a case, but this wasn’t your typical case.

When I heard the gun go off, I assumed Frankie was involved, but I had no idea of the case they were embarking on.

It all started just like any other case. They were called in when a body was found. The body was put in a dumpster, meaning the victim was killed somewhere else. They assumed it would have taken two people to dispose of the body because of the size of the rug she was wrapped in.

One of Jane Doe’s personal affects was a shirt that said, Internet Cafe. This led Jane to the victim’s place of work. Her name was Mona and she had quite her job, closed down her social media sites and cancelled all of her credit cards. Plus her co-worker told Jane about Mona’s boyfriend, Spike. That wasn’t his real name.

Nina found many calles made to Cecil, they assumed that was Spike and went to question him. This is where the case really got interesting and took a turn. Spike ran from them. Korsak, Jane and Frankie went after him right into the subway.

Another person had a gun when Spike ran past him and Frankie pulled his gun and shot the armed man. But then the gun disappeared. No one could find the gun and things weren’t looking good for Frankie.

Maura gave Frankie a sedative and sent him to the hospital to buy some time. He couldn’t talk to Internal Affairs until the sedative wore off.

The case was no longer about just finding Mona’s killer, it was about proving Frankie’s innocence.

One of Korsak’s connections told him that the security camera had a malfunction, it was blank, so there was no proof Frankie was telling the truth.

They may not have had the security footage, but they used social media. Luckily someone filmed the incident and they found a gun on the ground.

It’s great that they are using social media to solve the case. The writers haven’t been quite as fancy with using technology to solve the cases since Frost. Nina does all the tech stuff, but it’s pretty basic. Frost was very tech savvy and was very knowledgable about random things. Solving cases hasn’t been the same since he’s been gone, but this was a good step up for season six.

‘Rizzoli and Isles’ is definitely at it’s best when the case is personal and this was a personal case. Frankie was facing jail time. All he did was do his job and things got really out of hand.

The man Frankie shot, Sean, gave them more clues into what happened to Mona and led them to John Stanton, the mastermind behind it all. He’d been off the grid for two months. Jane won’t stop until she finds her man, especially when it means saving her little brother.

Because of Jane’s determination they were able to thwart John’s plan before he had a chance to hurt anyone else.

This was a very exciting case to start the season with. The episode got us right into the action. Will the writers have more episodes like this, where the show doesn’t start out with the murder? I think it was a good formula and the writers should think of more ways to break from the norm.

We even got to meet a new character, Kent Drake. It does sound like he should have some superhero power and he showed up to work in disguise. I think Maura will have some fun with this guy. He made himself more geeky to see how she would react and what she would react to. He was full on nerd and I thought he would be an interesting character, at least to give us a laugh. But he’s more interesting than he appeared. Will we get to meet the real Kent next week?

Next week Jane and Maura have to figure out who killed a fisherman. Take a look at the promo:


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