‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: A is Revealed to be a Girl

Who else thought A was a girl this whole time?
Who else thought A was a girl this whole time?

I was never convinced that A was a guy. I always thought A was a girl. No guy is going to be that catty. Girls fight dirtier than boys. But that doesn’t mean A isn’t a team. She can’t be everywhere at once.

I don’t believe Leslie is A. She may tie in with a lot of things, Bethany, Charles, Mona, but she’s too unstable to be A. A is on top of her game an very, very cruel. A is strategic. Leslie is too unhinged to be A. Not that A isn’t crazy too, but A seems more stable. That a side, there’s a reason Leslie didn’t want the liars to know she was in Radley, but what was it?

Mona knows something she’s not telling us. Could there have been another girl in that place? Does she know what A made Spencer do? Mona plays the innocent act so well it’s hard to tell when she’s hiding something.

Radley didn’t produce the kind of answers we were hoping for. Yes they discovered Leslie was in a Radley a long time, but they missed the biggest clue: the dead girl in the bath tub. They saw the doll and totally missed the actual dead body. Could that be the girl Spencer has been seeing in her dreams?

Now their finger prints are all over that room. Not that a lot of people go through there anymore, but if the body is found, Hanna and Spencer’s prints will be found too. Spencer is usually so thorough, could that have something to do with the weed cookies she’s been eating?

Spencer is trying to remember what happened in that place and spiked cookies are not that answer, though she finally realized that. Aria is trying the hardest to forget. She doesn’t want to talk about it or deal with it. She just wants to take her pictures.

Last week I wondered if we’d be seeing more of Clarke and this week he asked her out. Things are way too complicated in Aria’s life to be dating, especially when there’s still those unresolved feelings about Ezra. If Aria wants answers though, she’ll have to deal with what happened.

PLL is skipping a week, what will we do?! The liars will return July 14:


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