‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Review: Pranks, Jokes and Disneyland

I think Thelma and Louise is the perfect film for these two to watch.
I think Thelma and Louise is the perfect film for these two to watch.

Rizzoli and Isles can get pretty exciting when they rescue someone. It’s nice when these ladies can save someone and not just give them justice.

But this week was all about the laughs, not that every episode isn’t funny, but this one was even more so.

It started with Maura going to her version of Disneyland, the body farm. As Korsak said, “plenty of dead bodies to play with, none of the long lines.” Maura was in her element! And she got to go not just once, but twice.

Angela was hiding something from the very beginning. I knew she was dating. It had to be about a boy. For Jane being a good detective it’s funny she couldn’t have figured that one out.

Jane did know that something was up and she knew because her own mother taught her how to know when someone was lying. That was pretty funny when Jane asked her mom how she knew Frankie broke her lamp. Then all of a sudden Angela realized she was caught.

I don’t care what Jane said, I like that Angela was ice skating. Though I am biased, since I did skate for nine and half years.

I thought it was odd that that was the secret, but Jane was not happy with her mom skating. Clearly Angela isn’t the athletic type. She almost drowned in the swimming pool.

Maybe there was some truth to it when she sprained her ankle, but it all came down to a boy. She wanted to do the things he was doing. It was so cute.

Maura solved two mysteries this week. First the mystery of why Jane was so upset with her mom and it wasn’t just because she was doing a sport. It was because they weren’t doing it together. Maura said there was something deeper going on.

Then of course she put the pieces together for the case. She figured out that the victims were being kept captive to fulfill his fantasy and when they broke the fantasy, he got rid of them. The evidence was never going to tell them that.

There were even more laughs when Frankie tried to play a prank on his big sis, but she knew all along. I’m guessing Frankie doesn’t get away with pranks very often. We’ll give him credit for effort though.

And lastly, Jane and Maura were getting ready to watch Thelma and Louise. Jane believes that this film about a female duo is an action flick and Maura believes it’s a chick flick. Either way they are so similar to the characters in the film, two very different women brought together by common ground.

Rizzoli and Isles will dive into the art world to solve next week’s case:


Mandy Carr

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