‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: Do We Finally Know Who ‘A’ Is?

Is this really A?
Is this really A?

I’m wondering if Charles is really A. We are supposed to come face to face with A in two episodes and every time A is revealed, it turns out that person isn’t A. Charles clearly ties into everything, but is he really A?

I love how the liars go after A by themselves. It’s the fun of the whole show, but everything just blew up in their faces this week. There were a lot of mistakes and no one won in the end. They should have went to the police with their chips to begin with. Then they could have gotten them professionally removed and maybe the police could have traced them back to A. Or at very least given them a clue. I mean whoever put those chips in them, had to have known how to do it or have access to someone who knew how to do it.

The second mistake was a complete accident: Toby eating the weed laced candy. But that could have been avoided if Spencer would have been honest with Toby. He said no secrets and that’s exactly what got them into that mess.

Lastly, Ali calling the police was a little too late, since everything was already in motion. Communication was the top mistake. Jason could have technically gone alone with the police watching his back. But everyone wants to do it alone. Ashley was right to be so mad at Hanna. She’s about to go off to college, she can’t be still chasing down A.

Will that scholarship money backfire though? Ashley already deposited the check. Could this be a bad omen from A? It all goes back to Mrs. D and Radley, as per usual.

Could this be the end of Toby and Spencer for good? She couldn’t trust him enough to tell him everything and that ended up with Toby eating too many laced candies. Could his job be in jeopardy now? Not to mention he could have gotten seriously hurt. I don’t know if Spencer can fix this one.

Why was Emily getting so jealous over Sara and Claire? I realize Claire said some not so nice things about Sara years ago, but so have all the liars about Ali. Sara even admitted she didn’t like the person she was back then.

I think it’s good that Sara is moving out. I don’t know if we can trust Sara, but I feel a little better that Sara is taking this opportunity to move out. I just don’t think a relationship based on bonding over being kidnapped, is a great place to start. Sara could be good for Emily, but lets takedown A and move past being kidnapped first.

I was so happy to see Mike back. He’s grown up a lot and I really like him and Mona together. I want to see more of Mona and Mike. Mike use to be just the little brother and Mona was always the enemy. Though I’ve loved Mona since she was revealed as A no matter what side she’s been on since then. Before she was A, she was just a bitch.

I’m so excited for Aria being a finalist in a prestigious photography fellowship competition! She deserves this. Her trauma has inspired some creative shots. I just wish she could get back to writing again. That’s been a passion of hers for a long time.

Next week the liars are trying to put a face to the name:


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