1. I guess their “grieving process” is to not even mention her in the episode following her death. Maura bawled after Frost’s death and yet didn’t shed a tear for Susie? Such shitty writing on this show.

    1. Frost really died, so of course there are lots of emotions from all of the actors on Rizzoli and Isles!!! Susie is ALIVE and will have great career. geezzzz.

      1. I agree, they can see her again outside of the show, Lee Thompson Young is dead for real, no seeing him anymore. When someone dies in real life it’s harder to get over and adjust to them not being around at all.

    2. The cast was grieving in reality related to “Frost’s” death. Plus, His actual death was a suicide, which leads to more intense grief. You can’t write true emotion. Only feel it.

  2. I really hate that Susie was killed off just when we were starting to get an insight into what a terrific strong character Tina portrayed. I don’t think it does anything for the storyline. really bummed over this decision

  3. it really pisses me off that Susie was booted off of the show. and saying it was to open more story lines is a ridiculous and poopie reason to get rid of her character.

  4. I was shocked. Why would they kill off another character after Frost died in real life? Maura or Jane didn’t even cry. Weird.

  5. I think increasing her presence would have appealed more to the fan base. She was a really good character.

  6. This article still doesn’t say why Susie had to go. So the story could move on? Come on! That is not a reason why because the show could’ve moved on with Susie! That is cop-out! There still isn’t any reason given the show could’ve moved on with Susie involved. What was the point of killing her off? If Tina’s wanting to move on to other opportunities, fine, have the character get a promotion in another city. Are they just discontinuing her character? I don’t see why but still they could have given her a promotion to another city. They didn’t need to kill her off! I’m mad at TNT and Rizzoli & Isles for handling it this way, for doing this to Tina, Susie, the fans of Rizzoli & Isles & the fans of Tina & Susie!

  7. Reading Tina’s interview about her character’s death, one thing seems odd. She said that the show runner, Jan Nash, was upset that Susie was killed off. That makes no sense, since the show runner would plan on who would die in their show, except of course when someone dies in real life, or an actor quits, or there’s some dispute between a star and another actor. All I’m saying is there’s no way a writer can kill off a character without a go ahead from someone in charge. For me, the only more distressing unexplained character loss was when they got rid of Zack Addy on Bones.

    1. He didn’t age well before the camera. He looked 12 but he kept getting fatter & fatter. Time to go for the fat boyish virgin.

  8. I agree with Inky above. I know Frost really did die, of suicide, but the characters should maintain the integrity of the story. The story lines are absurd. Tonight Maura refused to call her father Doctor because he was a PhD! And a couple of weeks ago, she called conjoined twins the archaic term “Siamese twins”! The mother is absurd. A;ll this and the topper of losing of Susie might finally make me stop watching this poorly researched and written melodrama.

  9. I am with others it was a terrible thing to do to the audience…they want us to care about the characters and they kill off the main ones…they got rid of Sweets for no reason and in a terrible hateful way…I am so tired of the writers and whoever jerking around the audience!

  10. The show lost focus sometime ago when it began to revolve around Jane’s family. A brother with little time on the force suddenly a detective. A mother always hanging around and various other relatives (fill-ins for a weak story line). How about ditching the relatives for more crime solving.

  11. The show sucks & they get rid of all the wrong people. The only 2 with any talent left are Bruce McGill & Lorraine Bracco

  12. You know I like these show, I was wondering why she was kill off also, but something stuck me while I was showing the show, it was Freddie he looks like a young Beau Bridges, Growing up I loved showing Beau Bridges movie. And his father Lloyd Bridges show were he played a scuba driver. I loving the Bridges on screen the brothers and father. Sorry for getting off topic. But, he looks just like him (Beau), That brought me back in the past Beau is one of my hero on screen. Thank you!

    1. They dumped Casey, Jane’s brothers, the captain, the guy in the restarurant that used to be on Dharma and Greg, Suzy of course Maura’s mother and sister and the medical examiners who drove Maura crazy? All with little if any explanation. They are just gone. R and I used to have a whole cast of characters and multiple story lines although the brother’s baby story was really bad. . Now there are just the five regulars (who no longer have histories) and an occassional scene with the new assistant ME. Jane’s pregnancy last season was revolting. Maura isn’t the same character at all (she used to be brilliant). The number and length of closeups of beautiful Jane drive me crazy. They give Angela less and less to do. Killing off Suzie after the real death of Lee was just tasteless. The gal who replaced him is very good but the show has just about lost me. Get some new writers and look at where the characters have been so you can write where they are going.

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