Claire Holt and Original Finn Returning to ‘The Originals’

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We already knew that Nathaniel Buzolic would be back on The Originals in flashbacks, but Claire Holt and Casper Zafer are also going to be back on The CW show.

If you were a fan of the original Finn, you’ll be happy to hear that Casper is coming back, but for me, I’m very excited for Claire’s return.

Executive Producer Michael Narducci told “[It’s] a flashback that we’ve never seen before. We’ve always understood that the Mikaelson family, the brothers and sister, had to flee in the wake of Esther’s death by Klaus’ hands. Klaus blamed Mikael and said, ‘We have to go. Our father is insane,’ and for a very long time Mikael chased them.”

We are going to get to see the Mikaelson family after they fled. This was the beginning of them being chased by Mikael. We’ll get to see what they were like back then.

“I think it might be surprising and interesting,” Michael added.

As long as the writers keep coming up with reasons to bring back Claire, I will be very happy.

We haven’t seen that many flashbacks since the show began and with The Original family being a 1,000 years old, there’s a lot of content to work with. We’ve seen some flashbacks with Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah, but not many with all the siblings.

I’m looking froward to seeing more of Klaus’ interactions with his siblings. Rebekah and Elijah have stayed by his side for a very long time, but we know the other siblings betrayed him long ago, but what were their relationships like before that? It will be great to take a peek into the past and see what they were like back then.

Are you excited to see Claire and Casper? What are you hoping to see in the flashbacks?

The Originals return Thursday, October 8, 9/8c on The CW.

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