‘Pretty Little Liars’: Fans Are Upset over A’s Reveal

CMKsNU2UcAASnm3There are a lot of people very upset about the A reveal. I’m not really sure why. There’s some questions I would still like to have answered, but overall I like what I. Marlene King did.

Luckily we will get some more questions answered as the show continues. I. Marlene told Entertainment Weekly that we will learn about the connection between CeCe and Sara, but there is no mention of who killed Mrs. D. I still want to know who killed her.

The great thing about the A reveal is how I. Marlene brought a transgender character to the teen audience. It’s a big conversation at the moment and it’s great that she’s ahead of the game.

So many people wanted A to be Wren and Melissa to be Red Coat, but they’re in England and haven’t even be involved for sometime now.

After we found out Charles was A, I was still convinced that A was a girl. I never believed that A could be a guy. Those messages couldn’t have come from a guy.

People are outraged that Pretty Little Liars made A a transgender woman the villain, but why? I didn’t look at it like I. Marlene was villain-izing transgender people. I keep talking about how I want great female villains. When an actor plays a villain well, you love that bad guy. I want strong characters for females whether they’re good guys or bad guys.

A is a legendary villain, so I don’t look at this as a bad thing. I really liked how everything came together. I always believed that A was a girl, but I liked the twist the writers did making it Ali’s brother. It all started with Ali, so it made sense. I never understood why A would target the rest of the girls. But CeCe isn’t well and that has a lot to do with her family. She never got the love that she deserved and then was thrown in Radley. I think anyone would go crazy growing up in there.

If you are thinking that I. Marlene just jumped on the transgender bandwagon, you would be wrong. She told E! Online that they came up with the idea at the end of season three. It just had great timing with the way it all worked out.

I think it’s important for shows to touch on these conversations. For me I didn’t understand how someone could be transgender. I have nothing against them and would treat them just like anyone else, but I just didn’t understand it.

Listening to CeCe’s story made me understand more of what Charles went through and the hardship he had growing up. This is why it’s important for these stories to be told.

People sometime take things too seriously. I get the outrage of making minorities villains all the time, but if it’s a great character, what’s the big deal? I love great characters. I have so many favorite villains and sadly most of them are men. But I loved Victoria Grayson on Revenge. That was a great show. The two main characters were powerful female characters. I want their to be more great female villains on TV and in movies.

Lets not give minority people the good guy roles, lets give them great roles to play whether they are good guys or bad guys.

A is one of the best villains on TV and so many people would have loved to be the legendary A.

I just really liked the twist I. Marlene did. No one could have seen this coming. And  that’s all I wanted from the big reveal.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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