‘Nashville’ Review: Juliette Finally Hit Rock Bottom

nashville-season-4-posterWe all have mixed feelings over Jeff, but I am very sad to see him go. I like Oliver Hudson. I’ll confess most of why I like him is from Dawson’s Creek, but it was still nice to be reminded of the Creek every week.

I don’t know the real reason why Jeff was written off, but it will certainly progress Layla’s story forward and we got a great song from her this week. She gave the man a great tribute and no matter how you feel about the man, he deserved that tribute.

Jeff’s death had a big impact on Juliette. She was such a bitch throughout this episode. She had the worst words ever for Layla.

Finally that night came flooding back to Juliette and she remembered she was there that night. She remembered she was going to kill herself and that Jeff saved her life. She finally asked for help.

I was hoping that this would be her rock bottom and it was, but will Avery still be there when she climbs out of this hole?

It’s interesting watching Luke and Rayna build their labels. Rayna is protecting her artists, while Luke is protecting his brand.

Rayna has taken a lot of hits because she puts the artists first, but that was the label she wanted to build.

I loved that Cole threw the question in his father’s face, is it for Juliette or is brand?

It’s for his brand. He could at least tell Layla what really happened. She deserves to know. The rest of the world doesn’t necessarily need to know, but Layla deserves to know.

I really don’t like the fact the Gunnar’s fling is going on tour with him. He’s not a fling kind of guy and weren’t we supposed to be concentrating on Scarlett and Gunnar getting back together? Okay, maybe that wasn’t exactly the plan, but that was my plan.

What on earth did Scarlett do to her hair! I love Clare Bowen, but why on earth did she cut off all of her hair! I thought the pixie look was over. She had such beautiful hair. I’m probably over reacting over this, but I was just shocked.

I have very mixed feelings about Deacon buying a bar. I get that he wants to remember his sister and create another great place for music, but he is an alcoholic. Isn’t a bar the worst place for an alcoholic to be?

It could be good. It could mean more music for us. That’s always a good thing.

Deacon and Rayna are the only couple going strong at the moment, so I hope this bar doesn’t mess that up.

I really think Kevin and Will need to come to their senses and get back together.

Next week Maddie is still fighting for her dream.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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