‘Supernatural’ Review: God Is Not Answering

Supernatural is pushing boundaries in the show’s eleventh season and it’s amazing. This was one of the best episodes and it left us with one major hang over, okay maybe two.

SN1109a_0123bI knew it was Lucifer talking to Sam. God left the building a long times ago, remember? He really needs to come back from his vaca right about now. His sister his acting out to get his attention and his son has been sending visions to Sam. This is not a good situation at all.

I kept saying I was on Dean’s side, that there had to be another way. I said. Dean said. So why is Sam standing in the cage right now?

Oh right, because of Amara, who distracted Dean. Something tells me Sam wouldn’t have ended up in the cage if Dean was there.

The only thing this episode was missing was Cass. It would have been nice if he could have shown up and helped Sam. Or even helped Dean.

We did have Crowley and it was great when his mind was blown that Amara is God’s sister. Crowley is really hitting himself now, he had her in his grasp.

SN1109B_0073bWe also got Rowena and she was having a fan girl moment over Lucifer, just something we all suffer from when was watch Dean and Sam each week. We feel you Rowena.

Amara is all grown up and showing us what she can do, well in a tantrum sort of way. But I loved that she went to a church trying to find her brother. I also loved that the priest told her to pray and he would answer her. Sorry Priest, God isn’t answering anyone right now. Then he had to go say that thing about God being the light and putting out the Darkness. He really had it coming to him.

Why are Amara and Dean connected, besides for the reason she gave? Can he fight this? His brother might depend on it. He is a little preoccupied back in the cage. Seriously though, where was Cass?

Can Lucifer actually help or did he just see an opportunity to get out of the cage? Will Sam say yes to him?

The one bad thing I have to say about this episode is how it came out of  no where. We had a lot of lighthearted funny episodes and then this. We were just thrown into the climax and good as it was it just came on suddenly. There was no leading up to it.

Supernatural is actually airing a Christmas episode, it’s just going to be a little late. Crowley is acting like a kid and Lucifer is Santa?



Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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