‘Arrow’ Review: [Spoiler] Can Not Be Dead

I just got over Glenn maybe being dead on now Felicity may be dead! Come on writers, give me a break. She is my favorite character on the show. You can’t kill off my favorite character. This is some cruel joke you are playing on me.

AR409B_0224bcI rave about the strong female characters on Arrow and Felicity is one of the strongest and she may no longer be on the show. I just got hooked on the show and in big part because of Felicity. I really cant wait till January to find out her fate. I went weeks with The Walking Dead not knowing what happened to Glenn and now I have to do it again?

This was actually a great episode, despite the horrible ending.

I loved that Oliver put the spotlight on Darhk. He even looked a little bit threatened, for like a second.

So I kind of like Darhk. At least he is honest that he’s the villain. That’s where me liking him ends, since he did kidnap Felicity.

He took everyone Oliver holds close and then I was freaking out, but only a little. I mean they weren’t going to kill three main characters off at the same time. That would just be suicide for the show.

AR409B_0034bI loved that Malcolm put on the Green Arrow costume. That was awesome. If Darhk thought Oliver was the masked vigilante, he’s going to be thinking again.

Everyone was stepping up tonight. Putting aside that Lance broke his cover to help save Team Arrow, everyone was deciding if they wanted to be protected or not and the answer was no.

Everyone wanted to protect themselves and live their lives. It was a very powerful message. Everyone is strong on this show and I love it.

Oliver finally proposed to Felicity, but it was very short lived. If Felicity lives, which she better, they will continue to have the conversation about their relationship. If they can really survive while they are saving the city.

Sadly the answer may be no, but I won’t lose hope yet.

I love how this show does relationships. I am a girly-girl, so I do like the full on romance, but I like how this show isn’t that. I like how realistic Olicity is. It’s not cheesy or romantic it’s just real. The show doesn’t get caught up in the relationship either. It’s just part of life. More shows should take note.

The other big cliffhanger of the mid-season finale, what is phase four? Why does he have a manufactured field of corn? What is his end game? We think we know Darhk, but there’s so much we don’t know.

Things are looking very grim for the winter premiere. Someone is definitely dead and it really better not be Felicity.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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