‘The Royals’ Review: A Kingdom Built on Lies

We’ve known for a while that Jasper had a reason for being in the palace and not a good one. This week we finally found out what it was, but why do they want to steal the diamond? And does Jasper still want to go through with it?

more liesHe can say to Samantha that falling for Eleanor was all part of the con, but we know better. We see it and that’s probably why it’s hard to be mad at him. I’m more wondering how he’s going to get out of it.

He can’t steal the diamond, but he can’t tell Eleanor the truth either. I feel really bad for her. I feel more bad about Mandy (aka Samantha) hurting her than I do about Jasper. He’s been trying to make it right ever since he hurt her. Samantha weaseled her way into the princess’s life so easily. I just want to hug Eleanor, everyone around her is letting her down.

The most interesting twist this week was when Lucius took the fall for Simon’s death. Lies after lies after lies. Does anyone even know what the truth is anymore?

Why did Ted have Lucius take the fall? Sure that brings closure to the grieving children and a grieving country, but the killer is still out there.

Two of the royal family have been killed, you shouldn’t give anyone in the palace a false sense of safety.

betrayedDoes Ted think he had something to do with Simon’s murder, did he have something to do with it?

Last season he seemed like just a good man. This season he’s proven himself to be a manipulator and he holds secrets.  It’s going to be interesting to see how this mystery plays out and where Ted is in it.

If Helena thought her children were bad for surprising her with some outrageous thing they are doing, she hasn’t seen anything yet. Cyrus is doing one crazy thing after the next. Last week he ran into his brother’s memorial and this week the Deputy Prime Minster covered it up, hoping she would have Cyrus in her pocket. Cyrus doesn’t work for anyone though and he has no filter.

He once again gave an outrageous speech. For a moment it seemed like he cared about what the people thought and then we went back to not caring. He just wants to be feared.

I think he does want to be loved. That’s why the ghost of his brother is haunting him. He can’t live up to his brother and he knows it. The sad fact is that he won’t even try.

I think that’s why he always goes back to not caring, because trying to get the people to like him is just too hard for him.

More and more we are seeing the Queen’s vulnerable side. She lost the love of her life this week, though he’s been dead for a couple of episodes now. She took it pretty hard. But losing the love of her life didn’t do anything to change her outlook. She’s still telling lies and making herself believe that it’s the right thing to do.

Does Liam have a new love interest? There’s a girl that keeps popping up and the two finally spoke. She gave him some good advice: to change the monarchy from within. Does this mean that we’l be seeing great things from Liam very soon?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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