James Lafferty Directing ‘The Royals’

Mark Schwahn is bringing a little touch of One Tree Hill to The Royals. James Lafferty will be be directing episode 207, airing December 27.

For any One Tree Hill fan this is very exciting. James directed four episodes of the teen show. He directed one of my favorite episodes: “Nobody Taught Us to Quit” (805). This was the one where Nathan walked away from the game and Brooke gave up her company to pay back investors.

BrookeThis episode was one of the most powerful episodes of the entire show, particularly for Brooke and Nathan who went through the most growth during the series.

Brooke and Nathan were so inspirational and brave in this episode. James did a great job on and off camera that week.

I’m looking forward to see what he brings to the table for his Royals directorial debut. There’s been some touching moments between Queen Helena and her children lately and James can certainly continue to bring that out in the actors.

His directorial takes weren’t all emotional. For episode 906, he had some fun with Chase and Chris Keller, when they were having their bromance. If you remember Chris, you understand why I used his whole name.

James enjoyed the challenge and learning everything that was involved in directing when he first directed One Tree Hill. I’m sure he will love giving his own take to the E! scripted show. It should be an interesting episode with him directing.

If you haven’t discovered James yet, you have some time to binge watch One Tree Hill on Netflix, you won’t be sorry. Though I am asking for a lot here, the series ran for nine seasons.

Make sure to tune in on Sunday for a brand new episode of The Royals. Then after Christmas we will get treated with James’s episode.

See what the One Tree Hill star had to say about directing The Royals on KTLA5:


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