‘Scream’ Halloween Special Review: Two Murder Mysteries Brought Together

Scream is definitely the perfect show for Halloween. And what’s better than a two-hour Halloween special? Nothing. We got a lot of fun, with mostly our beloved characters not dying and we got set up for season three.

cvjfw06weaejgozKieran (Amadeus Serafini) didn’t last very long. He was killed by the new killer (or the original one) before he could even get to prison. I guess if he’s not needed anymore, why not kill him.

When I watched the previews I thought it was odd that Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Brooke (Carlson Young) would want to go to a murder island. It just didn’t seem like something they would do. And it’s definitely not. Noah (John Karna) and Stavo (Santiago Segura) forgot to mention to their friends exactly what the island was. I’m glad they did because this was one fun murder mystery.

Noah is obsessed with serial killers but this one he was just not impressed with. It seemed very odd that he wasn’t buying the story. That’s because the legend wasn’t the truth. Leave it to Noah to uncover what really happened. He’s a good person to have now that the murders are starting again. Maybe he can solve it once and for all. If season three is the end, or whenever the end is, I would love Noah to solve it all.

I was slightly surprised that Noah and Stavo created a graphic novel together. It makes perfect sense between Stavo’s drawings and Noah’s knowledge on horror or even both of their knowledge on horror. It looks like these two will have plenty of inspiration to keep creating more novels.

Emma seems to be attracting the psychotic boys. She met another one on the island that turned out to be the killer. Is she ever going to kiss another guy? This guy killed the real Alex Witten (Alexander Calvert) to get close to her. He had his own sad story that messed him up royally. He felt connected to Emma and thought they were meant to be together.

cvj4eztweae_ridI think one of the best scenes was when Emma said: “I don’t need a hero. I’m Emma Duval!” She’s been a little lost between both murder sprees but maybe now she’s finding herself. Now she just has to stay strong through the next murder spree.

Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) had her own conflict through these murders. Her girlfriend, Gina (Zena Grey), showed up to surprise her but it was pretty suspicious. You can’t blame her for asking questions. Especially, after Kieran ended up being the killer. Gina was jealous of Emma. What Gina has to understand is, Emma and Audrey have a bond that she’ll never understand, that’s what happens when you are the Lakewood survivors.

Alex may have been the killer for the island murders, but he didn’t kill Kieran, so there’s another killer out there, but who? We saw Emma’s dad standing over Kieran’s grave, could he be the killer? Then we saw a Mr. James being welcomed to Lakewood, is he the killer or someone else?

Looks like we have a lot to look forward to for season three, even if it’s only going to be six episodes. Why is it only six episodes? Is that what it will take to finish up the story? There’s no word on if this will be the final season, but the fact that MTV only renewed the show for six episodes may point to a wrapping up.

If this is really going to be the end, can we please wrap up the show? Don’t leave a cliff hanger at the end if you don’t plan on renewing the show. And let’s make this a very deadly season if it’s going to be the end.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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