PaleyFest Red Carpet: Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor are Going to Make ‘Gotham’ Safe Again

Gotham has thrown a lot of crazy things our way, but did you ever think that Oswald would be mayor? Or that Ed would be his chief of staff? That is the reality we are living in and it’s probably one of the best crazy things that Gotham has ever done.

I spoke to Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor on the PaleyFest red carpet about their characters’ plans for Gotham.

I first asked Cory what their plan was and he had to bring Robin into the conversation. He pulled Robin into the conversation just like Ed would be pulling Oswald into something.

“My plan as his chief of staff is to make sure that this city functions as well as it possibly can and that everything that he wants to happen happens,” Cory said.

“We are going to make Gotham safe gain,” Robin added.

Cory started laughing and I asked Robin, “safe and crazy?”

Robin replied: “Well, yeah, probably.”

“Well you know if we have to wreak some havoc just to make sure that people think they’re safe…” Cory added.  “So, be it.”

And Robin agreed.

They seem to work in sync whether they’re in character or themselves.

You feel like you are truly in the presence of Oswald and Ed when you speak to them. Check out my full interview with this duo. It’s short but sweet:


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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