‘The Originals’ Review: Elijah is Forever Haunted by the Red Door

I don’t think there was a better episode for Daniel Gillies to direct than an episode that was all about saving Elijah. It was a very phycological and emotional episode. I’m sure Daniel had a lot to do with that. We knew that Elijah wasn’t lost forever but what would be left of him was unclear.

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This season is the best of The Originals yet. I’m sure that has something to do with the fact that we’re getting to see more of the family than most seasons. Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) came back to help the family. Well, Rebekah did and I think Kol just felt obligated to tag along. Kol may go back and forth with the always and forever but Hope (Summer Fontana) seems to quickly be learning it and she was the one to save the day. Some might say it was Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) but it was definitely Hope that brought Elijah back. She was really there to save her mother but her calling out brought him back.

I think Hayley could have brought him back but she froze after she saw the monster he was so many years ago. She needed to connect with him to bring him back. It was Hope’s voice calling out “Mom” that made him come back to reality. She made that connection that Hayley just couldn’t.

Is this something Hayley can get past now that she’s seen deep into Elijah’s soul. In some ways, she knew that already but there is definitely nothing like seeing it first hand.

The red door is deep within Elijah’s subconscious and he’ll never get over all the murder and mayhem he’s done over the years. He’s tortured a little like Stefan in that way. They try to live life but their past is always going to haunt them. Elijah has a lot more years haunting him than Stefan does.

Now that Elijah has gone back to that dark place, what will it take for him to recover? Just bringing him out of the pendant isn’t going to fix that dark place he went to. That has to have something to with his storyline going forward and I would love to see him deal with that.

Photo: Bob Mahoney /The CW

Since Rebekah came back, we knew she was going to be reunited with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and it was just heartbreaking. He was fighting for someone else and she had to see it. I don’t believe Sophie is the one for him but she’s the one right now. Marcel and Rebekah could still be endgame. You see the love between them. Marcel seemed to hate having to tell Rebekah he had another woman he had to save.

The battle is far from over. They still have to defeat the Hollow to save Elijah and well, everyone. Marcel is about to go to the Mikaelsons to team up to defeat this great evil but Freya (Riley Voelkel) has told her if it comes to it, there’s no choice between Elijah and Marcel. How can you make Rebekah choose between Marcel and Elijah? No one should have to make that choice or be forced to make that choice. There hasn’t been anything these Mikaelsons couldn’t defeat, even if it took a very long time to do it. They can do this too.

I’m happy Davina (Danielle Campbell) is back but Kol can’t make a deal with the Hollow to keep her around. That’s not a deal he can make, even if I do like seeing the two of them together again.

Freya and Klaus (Joseph Mogan) clearly have one path, save Elijah but where do everyone else’s alliances lie for defeating this evil?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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