‘Shadowhunters’ Review: The Next Generation are Taking their Place

Season two has been very different from season one of Shadowhunters, in a very good way. Not that season one was bad. I stuck through season one even though it didn’t spark me as I hoped it would. I was rewarded with season two. I’m loving the character development in season two.

Alec (Matthew Daddario) has definitely come far. He was always the leader and deserved to be the head of the institute but what he doesn’t know is how to be in a relationship. That has made this relationship with Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) very interesting. Magnus has been in a lot of relationships. He’s been with girls and guys. Alec hasn’t been with anyone. In so many ways they are very different but they just click. They’re so good with each other and their scenes are so good.

One scene that was really good was a part that Alec wasn’t in. It was when Magnus was talking about how much he loved Alec. It was so sweet and I think the prospect of him cheating on Alec brought him back. He’s of course still going through a hard time after being tortured but he seems to be doing a little better now. Magnus has always been so confident, it’s kind of nice to see another side of him.

From the moment we met Izzy (Emeraude Toubia), she was also very confident. She fell so far during the first half of season two and she’s clawing her way back up again now. It was so nice to see her not only back to her old self but getting along with Raphael (David Castro). Could this mean they could have a future?

Simon (Alberto Rosende) and Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Clary and Jace (Dominic Sherwood) are one complicated triangle. Jace loved Clary even though he thought she was his sister. And who knows how Clary feels about Jace now. Has she even dealt with whatever feelings she has for him? From season one I loved Clary and Jace but this Simon relationship is getting interesting. I loved that Simon stayed, even locked up, just so he could be near Clary. Now, that’s love. Jace may still be in love with Clary, despite his protests, but does he love her like that?

Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) may not be a constant fixture in these episodes but it’s always great when he comes on screen. It was incredibly awkward when he had the talk with Simon. Simon, as well as me, thought he was having the sex talk, but he was having the vampire control talk. Both very awkward conversations and they had them both at once. I think the best of his scenes in this episode was when he was explaining to Jace about how you start a downworlder rebellion. Luke is such a great leader and I think Jace and Alec can learn a lot from him. Alec was definitely born to lead but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have plenty to learn.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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